Did you know that your Nexis® news search can tap into authoritative open-Web coverage from key news sources?

No extra charge …
No change in source selection or search strategy

Seamlessly access critical content from the open-Web all through Nexis® news searches. And as a nexis.com® subscriber you already have access.

Your news search reaches the right types of facts in several thousand websites, providing greater insights for you. That’s because LexisNexis® editors verify Nexis Web News sites as relevant and reliable, then add proprietary metadata so your search automatically finds the relevant results to your questions.

Your Nexis Web News search results display with LexisNexis premium, licensed content.* Further, filter results to specific Web pages, subjects, industries and more. Select a story—and move to the originating website.

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View a four-minute demo or download a new Nexis Quick Reference guide that shows you step by step how to leverage Nexis Web News.

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Nexis Web News sources are added automatically when you search with the Easy Search form, the News search form or Power Search tab using common group files such as “News, Most Recent 90 Days;” “All News, All Languages;” and “Major World Publications.”

Results from your Nexis Web News search display under a separate tab. Just click Web News.

Review effectively: See your search terms in context; results are in reverse chronological order.

Click the results link and move to the original Web source.

Refine your search with helpful filters, including company, subject, Web address, etc.

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*LexisNexis® Alerts are not available for Web news content. Standard nexis.com delivery options are not supported.