LexisNexis(R) IP Solutions

When you are in the business of making or breaking patents, LexisNexis® IP Solutions can help you:

  • Perform the most thorough prior-art research
  • Meticulously, yet quickly analyze a patent application for internal consistency
  • Thoroughly analyze a patent to identify possible opportunities for challenge or litigation actions
  • Quickly review and analyze across an entire patent portfolio

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TotalPatent®—search the largest online collection of enhanced first-level patent data available

PatentOptimizer—a revolutionary approach to creating patents or analyzing existing patents

The AIA has introduced many new changes to the law that benefit both patent holders and patent challengers.

Patent holders benefit from provisions that (1) heighten the standard of review in inter partes review proceedings; (2) diminish the best mode requirement; (3) restrict standing for bringing false marking actions; and allow (4) new supplemental examination to correct inadvertent or negligent errors in prosecution.

Patent challengers gain from the (1) expanded defense of prior commercial use; (2) pre-issuance prior art submissions; (2) modified joinder rules; (3) limits to evidentiary basis for willful infringement, (4) expanded definition of prior art; and (5) post grant review.

New Ways to Challenge Patents—Part 2
Pre-Issuance Submissions and Post-Grant Review

New Ways to Challenge Patents

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