13.0 Build 120

The following items are known issues in CaseMap version 13.0 (Build 120), released September 26, 2017:


hmtoggle_plus1Proximity searches with objects based on the short name, do not return the full name

When you run a proximity search with objects based on the short name, your search results reflect the short names and not the full names.

The results may also include data from multiple fields in the database and not the information from a single field such as “Fact Text.”

hmtoggle_plus1Text is not fully displayed in the Lexis Nexis CaseMap dialog box when researching records for Lexis Advance

After running a search for the Lexis Advance integration, the text for the message, "Do not display this message again" is cut off and not fully displayed.

hmtoggle_plus1The width of the Uncategorized Facts pane is small when there are no facts available

When there are no records in the Facts and Issues spreadsheets, the width of the Uncategorized Facts section is smaller than when facts are available.

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