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LexisNexis partnering with Microsoft to bring Lawyers.com Legal Articles to Developers Community

Microsoft on Oct 28th 2010 announced, during their Professional Developers Conference 2010, the commercial availability of DataMarket aka Microsoft Codename “Dallas” which is part of Windows Azure Marketplace. This DataMarket includes data, imagery, and real-time web services from leading commercial data providers and authoritative public data sources. In short, its the one stop show for Data or iTunes for Data. And rightfully so. There are over 120 content providers to date with content ranging from Demographic, geospatial, financial, retail, sports, weather, environmental and health care. Some are for free and some are premium based. Just to name few providers - Weather central, Zillow.com, Navteq, Data.gov, The Word Bank and now LexisNexis.


We are very excited to announce the partnership between Lawyers.com and Microsoft to bring forth legal consumer articles to 3rd party Developers. As a developer, you can now get specific area of law articles and put it into their websites, stand alone applications or mobile apps. These articles are typically written by Lawyers themselves and are categorized under various areas of law. So if you have a website that is focused on Bankruptcy alone, you can pull only those consumer articles that are related to bankruptcy.


This LexisNexis offering is free of charge. All we ask you in return is to link the article title back to its full content on Lawyers.com and give us proper attribution from your application. To get more details, follow LexisNexis branding guidelines.

Keep an eye out on the DataMarket's catalog  to see more datasets from LexisNexis. Let us know what you think and what other data would you like to see?

Posted Tue, Aug 9 2011 10:50 AM by Manish bhargava

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