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How to get Started

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How to get Started

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How to Get Started

1.     Browse the documentation

Browse all of our documentation to learn what APIs are available and how to use them. We use REST as input and JSON and XML for output. And please visit this section frequently, as we intend to keep expanding our API offerings.

2.     Request an API Key

Once you are ready to use our platform you will need an API key that will give your application access to the power of the Martindale-Hubbell Developer Platform. The API key is your unique identifier when making API calls. To request a key, you need to write to us at mhdevelopers@lexisnexis.com and include the following details:

  • Who you are? Make sure to include your name, contact information (include your phone number), company information and your role
  • Describe your application/web site. Make sure to include Name, URL for your web site and a small description of what your application will do
  • Tell us why are you interested in LexisNexis Developer Platform?

Note that by sending an email to request a key, you are implicitly agreeing to our Developer License Agreement.

3.     Interact with the Martindale-Hubbell Developer community

Now that you have started using our APIs, get in touch with other developers like you or the LexisNexis Developer Platform team by posting in the forums section. You can ask any questions or even report a bug that you discovered.

4.     Follow up on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter @MHAPIs to get latest updates and API releases news, blog post notifications, bug reports etc.


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