Law PreDiscovery™ ROI Calculator

Law PreDiscovery™ ROI Calculator

Do the Math Yourself

Considering an imaging and electronic discovery software application? Consider LAW PreDiscoveryTM software. Bring in all your electronic and paper documents to allow your litigation team to review and search discovery documents electronically. With this convenient online calculator your litigation team can get a better handle on the cost and scope of any discovery project.

It will also demonstrate the considerable cost savings that can be achieved by bringing a percentage of that work in-house with LAW PreDiscovery—quickly and efficiently. In fact, you’ll see that LAW PreDiscovery can pay for itself within as little as two months.

How to Use the ROI Calculator
  1. Select either the Industry Approximation/Unit Prices or Input Price radio button.
  2. Input the numbers under the Quantity column for each specific service.
  3. Input percent (%) of work to be kept in-house.

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Services Offered Quantity Select Pricing:
Industry Approx. / Unit Price
Input Price
Cost to Outsource Industry Avg. Range*

Scanning Paper Documents  Converting paper documents to image files

(priced per page)
.10 (8.5 x 11 Docs),
.16 (Paper that is stapled) to
.25 (Checks)

Converting Native Files to Images (Tiff)  The process of converting a native file (email, word documents, excel files, etc.) to an image.  A native file is the original file format (a document created in Word or an Excel file, would be in a native format.)

.10 - .12

Endorsing Images branding/burning a header or footer, of your choice, into the image (Bates™ Numbering, Confidentiality Statement or any other field available within LAW PreDiscovery)

.01 - .02

Converting Images into Searchable Text (OCR)  The process of analyzing a scanned-in image and then translating it into text that can be searched.

.03 - .04

Digital Printing (Blowback) Printing a tiff image or native file to paper

(priced per page)

Importing and Processing Electronic Discovery (Native Loading) per GB LAW PreDiscovery allows you to import data from an include or exclude file type list, extract text, extract metadata, deduplicate files, sort emails, index text, create your folder structure and much, much more!


Technical Time


Percent (%) of work to keep ln-house

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*Because there is not an “industry standard” of how litigation support vendors charge for their services, rates provided are estimates only.

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