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LexisNexis Congressional Universe

Subscriber Benefits

LexisNexis Congressional Web-based service uses the powerful search features of the CIS controlled vocabulary and the contextual information of CIS abstracts to provide access to congressional publications regardless of format.

LexisNexis Congressional provides-

Seamless Searching-
LexisNexis Congressional provides a seamless link between the powerful search features of CIS's indexing and abstracting and the electronic full text of the corresponding source publications in digital formats. Users can jump from CIS abstracts directly to the electronic full text of a publication, and then link to related congressional publications.
Comprehensive Access-
LexisNexisCongressional brings CIS's indexing and abstracts together with legislative, regulatory, and related materials from a variety of sources-all in one convenient service. Plus, LexisNexis Congressional offers students access to valuable background and analysis articles. LexisNexis Congressional brings all the information users need together in one place.
Common Interface-
LexisNexis Congressional's forms-based interface lets users search a wide range of legislative, regulatory, and related information using one common interface. Plus, it allows a library to provide location information for their CIS/Microfiche Library holdings.
Legislative Tracking-
With LexisNexis Congressional, users can track the course of a bill through the legislative process. This makes it a valuable reference tool for researchers interested in U.S. public policy and legal issues.
Campus-Wide Access-
Users can access it from wherever they happen to be-in the library, faculty offices, and dorm rooms. Broader access means greater convenience, higher use, and increased user satisfaction.
Affordable Pricing-
For most institutions, LexisNexis Congressional costs only slightly more than the CIS/Index in print or CD-ROM-in some cases, it will even cost less than what an institution is currently paying for the Index.
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