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LexisNexis Congressional Universe

Bookmarking in LexisNexis® Congressional

To bookmark the Advanced Search page use:

To bookmark specific document types from the Advanced Search page, use the base URL and add the text
below the document type.

Committee Prints (all dates)
Hearings (all dates)
Serial Set (default date set to Prior to 1970)
House and Senate Documents (all dates)
Serial Set Maps (default date set to Prior to
House and Senate Reports (all dates)
CRS Reports (all dates)
Legislative Histories (all dates)

Example: Committee Prints

For multiple document types bookmarked, simply add “srcboxes=DOCUMENTTYPE&” after the first ampersand. For example, for Hearings and Committee Prints use:

To change the DATES in the search, use the following text after the 2nd equals sign in the URL

Before 1970: PRIOR70 Previous 5 years: 5:YR
Since 1970: SINCE70 Previous 10 years: 10:YR
Previous 2 years: 2:YR Previous 20 years: 20:YR

Example: Committee Prints for the previous 5 years

Note: Because there are de facto date restrictions for Serial Set and Serial Set Maps, the date restrictions cannot be changed for these two selections.

Bookmarking Other Screens

Congressional Publication Search by Number:

Members & Committees


Congressional Record & Rules

Political News / Hot Topics

Legislative Histories, Bills and Laws 

Keyword Search (Legislative Histories, default)

Get a Document (Legislative Histories, default)


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