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(city, state) -- A new Web-based service that allows users to locate the full text of comprehensive information from and about the U.S. Congress is now available at (library name). The new service is called LexisNexis Congressional and provides access to more than 25 years of congressional information, including facts and figures on almost any topic of current interest. It covers the full text of congressional working papers and bills, as well as the Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. Code, and the Congressional Record. It provides access to a wide variety of additional information, including member biographical and committee assignment information, voting records, and financial data.

With the LexisNexis Congressional service, researchers can pinpoint expert testimony on the leading issues of the day; tap authoritative sources of statistics, projections, and analyses; discover a law's intent by tracing its legislative history; gauge congressional attitudes toward current topics; find out how members of Congress voted on legislation; investigate the finances of members of Congress; monitor legislation and public policy on almost any topic; review the federal regulations that implement legislation; and learn the makeup and mission of congressional committees.

The database is available campus-wide, with no limit on the number of users. Library sources say that the new service requires no formal training and that even first-time database searchers can use the service productively.

For more information, contact: (name of library contact, name of library, e-mail or other address).

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