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Government Periodicals Index

(city, state) -Unlock the wealth of material published by the U.S. federal government when you search the library's latest acquisition: LexisNexis Government Periodicals Index. This new database provides fast and reliable access to bibliographic information on the U.S. government's most important periodicals. It covers articles in approximately 170 current federal publications and includes retrospective coverage through 1988 of over 70 additional federal publications that have major research, reference, or general interest value.

Figuring out how to locate articles published by the federal government in various magazines and newsletters has always been problematic, but LexisNexis Government Periodicals Index simplifies the task!

Whatever the research topic, users gain instant access to the muscle and speed of the LexisNexis search engine and its keyword search capabilities, a major advantage compared to Web search engines. Easy, fill-in-the blank search forms will appeal to novice users, while more experienced researchers can take advantage of advanced functionality.

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