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LexisNexis® Primary Sources Includes four modules:

African American History

U.S. Presidential History

American Women's History

Guide to Microforms


This suite of Web services provides new opportunities for historical research through the electronic publication of a wide range of primary sources and essential reference information. LexisNexis® History lets both advanced scholars and beginning students carry out comprehensive research more easily than ever.  

Each subject module provides a range of sources––and opportunities––for research. Included are broad selections of rimary manuscripts, speeches, comprehensive collections of full-text legislation and judicial rulings, as well as essential government documents, a large archive of photographic images, complete classic autobiographies, convenient reference information, and a carefully selected anthology of hundreds of seminal scholarly articles.

Content you can trust

Leading scholars serve as editorial advisers and select manuscript collections, outstanding speeches, essential government documents, photographic images, and other sources. The editorial advisers also define the overall content of the service and choose important secondary sources that place the collections in historical context. Every document and image is accompanied by authoritative bibliographic references. Students and faculty can undertake research projects with complete confidence in the integrity of the database and the authenticity of the sources.

Powerful and user-friendly functionality

Not only is the full text of the entire database searchable by keyword, but every document is also searchable using controlled vocabulary subject indexing. This makes History enormously valuable even to the most specialized and accomplished scholar. With this innovative and intuitive search engine, subscribers have access to tens of thousands of important and illuminating primary and secondary materials in just a few clicks. In addition using this robust search capability, researchers can also browse the collections by document type. Advanced and neophyte scholars alike will find this especially useful when researching manuscripts, speeches, or any of the other primary sources included in the service.

Vast scope and depth of unique content, plus regular enhancements

With quarterly updates, the modules are dynamic databases that keep expanding as more and more content is added. With each update, the database is augmented with additional material on slavery, the civil rights movement, and significant African Americans; on women's lives, rights, and gender issues; and on a myriad of topics concerning every U.S. President . As a database for advanced research, a pedagogical tool, and a reference service, History will serve a wide variety of academic and research interests.

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