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The usage report site provides customers access to monthly reports showing search activity for their subscriptions.

A Trend Report is generated each month summarizing the last 36 months of usage. Monthly Detail Reports break down the searches by LexisNexis "library and file". For example, within the News library in Academic, MAJPAP denotes Major Newspapers. In order to understand the reports, the links on the left lead to "library/file" keys for each product. Because library and file names can change over time (for instance, when additional content is added in a new category), we recommend that you bookmark this page and refer to it for future updates.

Reports are generated and posted to the site at the end of a month covering the previous month. Retrospective monthly data will be available from August 2001 for evaluation of usage at your institution for full academic year(s).

Access to the site requires an Account Number and Password. If you do not have these, please continue to the registration form.

Once you log into the site, you can change your password. Simply follow the “Change your website access password” link on the home page and enter your account number, old password, and new password.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new reporting system, please contact:

Customer Service at LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions


Phone: 800-638-8380 or 301-654-1550

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