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Library and File Translation
ENVIRN; ERNS Emergency Response Notification System
ENVIRN; LWHAZW Treatise on Hazardous Waste
ENVIRN; NFRAP No Further Remedial Action Planned
ENVIRN; SPL State Priority Lists
ENVIRN; USTAST Storage Tank Site Records
ENVIRN; ZLANDU Treatise on Zoning and Land Use
ENVIRN;ADMIN Environmental Law Reporter Administrative Materials
ENVIRN;AIRS Aerometric Information Reporting System
ENVIRN;AKENV Alaska Oil and Gas Commission
ENVIRN;ALENV Alabama Environmental Administrative Decisions
ENVIRN;ALLDOI All Department of Interior Decisions
ENVIRN;ALLENV Environmental Agency Decisions for Selected States
ENVIRN;ALLEPA All Environmental Protection Agency Decisions
ENVIRN;ALLIT Environmental Law Reporter Litigation Materials
ENVIRN;ALLNWS Environmental News, Combined
ENVIRN;ALLREG Code of Federal Regulations and Federal Register
ENVIRN;ARCNWS Environmental News, Beyond Two Years
ENVIRN;ARENV Arkansas Environmental Administrative Decisions
ENVIRN;AZENV Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
ENVIRN;BENVLJ Buffalo Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;CAENV California Water Resources Control Board Decisions
ENVIRN;CERCLS Superfund Information System
ENVIRN;COJIEL Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy
ENVIRN;COLJEL Columbia Journal of Environmental Law
ENVIRN;CORACT RCRA Corrective Action Records
ENVIRN;COURTS All Federal Court Decisions, Supreme Court of the United States Decisions, United States Courts of Appeals Decisions, United States District Courts Decisions, United States Court of Federal Claims Decisions, United States Bankruptcy Courts Decisions
ENVIRN;CURNWS Environmental News, Most Recent Two Years
ENVIRN;DELPF Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum
ENVIRN;DENWAT University of Denver Water Law Review
ENVIRN;DJELP Dickinson Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
ENVIRN;DRJAGL Drake Journal of Agricultural Law
ENVIRN;ECOLLQ Ecology Law Quarterly
ENVIRN;ENVAFF Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review
ENVIRN;ENVAGN All Decisions for Selected Agencies
ENVIRN;ENVLAW Environmental Law
ENVIRN;ENVLNE Environment Abstracts
ENVIRN;ENVLR Environmental Law Reviews Combined
ENVIRN;ENVRON Hastings West-Northwest Journal of Environmental Law and Policy
ENVIRN;ENVTLL The Environmental Lawyer
ENVIRN;EPADKT EPA Civil Enforcement Docket
ENVIRN;FDSITE Federal Environmental Site Records
ENVIRN;FELJ Fordham Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;FINDS EPA Facility Index System
ENVIRN;FLENV Florida Environmental & Land Use Decisions
ENVIRN;FTTS EPA & State Agency Inspections
ENVIRN;GAENV Georgia Board of Natural Resources Decisions
ENVIRN;GIELR Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
ENVIRN;GPNRJ Great Plains Natural Resources Journal
ENVIRN;HRVELR The Harvard Environmental Law Review
ENVIRN;IDENV Idaho Department of Water Resources
ENVIRN;ILENV Illinois Pollution Control Board Decisions
ENVIRN;INENV Indiana Office of Environmental Adjudication Decisions
ENVIRN;JENV Journal of Environmental Law & Litigation
ENVIRN;JLREL Journal of Land, Resources, & Environmental Law
ENVIRN;JRLUEL Florida State University Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law
ENVIRN;KYENV Kentucky Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet
ENVIRN;LAENV Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Decisions
ENVIRN;LUST Leaking Underground Storage Tanks
ENVIRN;LWLREV Land and Water Law Review
ENVIRN;MAENV Massachusetts Environmental Administrative Decisions
ENVIRN;MEAASB Mealey’s Litigation Report: Asbestos
ENVIRN;MEALED Mealey’s Litigation Report: Lead
ENVIRN;MEASF Mealey’s Pollution Liability Report
ENVIRN;MEATOB Mealey’s Litigation Report: Tobacco
ENVIRN;MEATT Mealey’s Litigation Report: Toxic Torts
ENVIRN;MELPR Missouri Environmental Law & Policy Review
ENVIRN;MIENV Michigan Department of Natural Resources Decisions
ENVIRN;MNENV Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings
ENVIRN;MSD-T Material Safety Data Sheets
ENVIRN;NCENV North Carolina Office of Administrative Hearings
ENVIRN;NEWS Environmental Law Reporter News and Analysis
ENVIRN;NFRAP No Further Remedial Action Planned
ENVIRN;NHENV New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
ENVIRN;NJENV New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Decisions
ENVIRN;NOAA All National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. Decisions
ENVIRN;NPDESF National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
ENVIRN;NPLDSC National Priorities List of Site Descriptions
ENVIRN;NPLIST National Priorities List of Hazardous Waste Sites
ENVIRN;NREENV Natural Resources & Environment
ENVIRN;NYENV New York Department of Environmental Conservation Decisions
ENVIRN;NYENVJ New York University Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;OHENV Ohio Environmental Board of Review Decisions
ENVIRN;OSAHRC All Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission Decisions
ENVIRN;OSHAIR OSHA Inspection Reports
ENVIRN;OUTLK Albany Law Environmental Outlook
ENVIRN;PAENV Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board
ENVIRN;PELR Pace Environmental Law Review
ENVIRN;PLRLR Public Land & Resources Law Review
ENVIRN;PRP Potentially Responsible Parties/ Superfund Enforcement
ENVIRN;RCRIS Resource Conservation & Recovery Information System
ENVIRN;RODS EPA Superfund Records of Decisions
ENVIRN;SCELJ South Carolina Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;SCENV South Carolina Environmental Administrative Decisions
ENVIRN;SELJ Stanford Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;SITE Environmental Site Records Combined
ENVIRN;SJALR San Joaquin Agricultural Law Review
ENVIRN;STAT Environmental Law Reporter Statutes and Treaties
ENVIRN;STCTS State Environmental Law Cases
ENVIRN;STSITE State Environmental Site Records
ENVIRN;SWS Solid Waste Sites
ENVIRN;TELJ Tulane Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;TELTJ Temple Environmental Law & Technology Journal
ENVIRN;TJGLL The Toledo Journal of Great Lakes’ Law, Science & Policy
ENVIRN;TOELAW Treatise on Environmental Law
ENVIRN;TRIS Toxic Chemical Release Inventory
ENVIRN;UBJEL University of Baltimore Journal of Environmental Law
ENVIRN;UCJELP UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy
ENVIRN;USCS United States Code
ENVIRN;VAELJ Virginia Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;VELJ Villanova Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;VTENV Vermont Environmental Administrative Decisions
ENVIRN;WELJ Wisconsin Environmental Law Journal
ENVIRN;WIENV Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
ENVIRN;WMELPR William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review
ENVIRN;WYENV Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
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