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About This Catalog

This catalog provides full descriptions of all CIS Web services and CIS titles (new and backlist). Use this catalog in conjunction with these additional resources:

  • The CIS, CIS Publications, & UPA Research Collections Price List, which has complete information on prices for all CIS, CIS, and UPA titles; on money-saving offers available from CIS; and on shipping and handling.
  • The complete electronic edition of the CIS catalog, which is available through the CIS Home Page on the World Wide Web. The address is It contains descriptions of all CIS titles with details on contents, components, and scope. Where applicable, you also will find information on the frequency of issuances for current services, and other matters pertaining to the timing of publication.
  • The CIS & UPA Research Collections Catalog, which provides detailed information on print, microform, electronic, and Web products and services available from University Publications of America (UPA), an imprint of CIS.

The new CIS & CIS Publications Catalog and the companion Price List together replace your 1998 CIS price list and previous CIS catalogs. -->


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