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Machine-Readable Cataloging

CIS is working with major academic and public libraries to make available machine-readable catalog records for many of its UPA research collections. These are indicated in the text of this catalog by the following symbol: .

Cataloging is available through the OCLC Major Microforms Service ( for the titles in the following list:


Papers of the NAACP

Cataloging by the Cleveland Public Library. Cataloging for Parts 1–23B is available now, except for Supplements to Parts 13 and 17. Cataloging is forthcoming for these and later parts.


Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War

Cataloging by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Cataloging is available for Series A through J, Part 5.


Trade Catalogues at the Winterthur Museum, Part II

Cataloging by University Publications of America. Available now.


Yiddish Children’s Literature from the YIVO Institute

Cataloging by Harvard University. Available now.


American Primers

Cataloging by the University of Missouri, Columbia. Available now.


Slavery Source Materials

Cataloging by OCLC RETROCON. Available now.


Major Studies and Issue Briefs of the Congressional Research Service

Cataloging by the University of North Carolina Law Library, Chapel Hill.

Cataloging for the 1916–1976 and 1988–1997 segments is available now and is forthcoming for all future segments.

Cataloging by the H. Douglas Barclay Law Library, Syracuse University College of Law. Cataloging for the 1976/78–1983/84 segments is available now and is forthcoming for 1984/85–1987/88.


The Special Studies Series: Foreign Nations: Middle East, Soviet Union, Latin America, and Europe and NATO

Cataloging by the University of Missouri, Columbia, is in progress. Cataloging records are available for the following collections: the Soviet Union: 1970–1980, 1980–1982, 1982–1985, 1985–1988, 1989–1991; Europe and NATO: 1970–1980; Latin America: 1962–1980, 1980–1982; and the Middle East:1970–1980, 1980–1982. Cataloging is forthcoming for additional editions.


Civil War Unit Histories: Regimental Histories and Personal Narratives

Cataloging by the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library.
Cataloging for Parts 1–5 is available now.


Christopher Columbus Collection of the Library of Congress

Cataloging by the Cleveland Public Library. Available now.


Native Americans Reference Collection: Documents Collected by the Office of Indian Affairs

Cataloging by the St. Louis University Law Library is in progress.



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