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Product Origins

All products and services offered by CIS were developed and are continuously published by CIS, except for the following:

Microfiche of US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit, Records and Briefs: 1984 and earlier files were produced by Bureau of National Affairs and continue to bear their identity. Succeeding editions are produced by CIS.

Microfiche of the Congressional Record and Predecessor Editions, Federal Register, Code of Federal Regulations, US Supreme Court Records & Briefs, US Statutes at Large, and US Reports: These collections were developed over a period of years by a number of different publishers, including Microcard Editions and NCR, and more recently, Information Handling Services (IHS). In recent years through mid-1982, these were marketed under the IHS or Indian Head imprints by IHS and Capitol Services, Inc. (CSI). Most of the retrospective microfiche, although now published and sold exclusively by CIS, will continue to bear the identities of previous publishers on their headers. Please note, however, that all such collections were carefully inspected and enhanced, where necessary, by CIS, and that from 1983 onward, new microfiche to update the collections have been produced by CIS and bear the CIS identity.

Printed Index to the Code of Federal Regulations: Editions prior to 1981 were produced by IHS and CSI. The 1982 edition was produced by CIS in cooperation with CSI. The 1983 and subsequent editions are produced entirely by CIS.

Printed Index to Current Urban Documents and Urban Documents Microfiche Collection: These were developed and are continuously published by Greenwood Publishing Group, an affiliate of CIS. Greenwood Publishing Group also developed a number of retrospective microfiche collections which, since the late 1970s, have been published and, where appropriate, supplemented by CIS. These include: Non-decennial Census Publications, Congressional Committee Prints, Congressional Committee Hearings, and parts of State Constitutional Conventions.

Oral Arguments of the Supreme Court of the US and US Department of Justice Current Documents : 1987 and earlier microfiche produced by University Publications of America. Succeeding editions are produced by CIS.

Envirofiche and Energyfiche: 1993 and earlier files were produced by R.R. Bowker and EIC and continue to bear their identity. Succeeding editions of Envirofiche are produced by CIS.

Printed Environment Abstracts and Energy Information Abstracts: 1993 and earlier printed issues were produced by R.R. Bowker and EIC and continue to bear their identity. Succeeding editions of Environment Abstracts are produced by CIS.

Please note that, without exception, CIS provides the same quality assurances and replacement privileges for all products and services that it offers.



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