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Batch Products
Batch-processed solutions include tools to scrub account inventories of uncollectible accounts, identify real property and other assets to improve turnover, predict recovery rates utilizing statistical modeling and alerting services to track a portfolio of loans against public records from recent bankruptcy, lien, judgment, and UCC filings from all 50 states.

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Chargeback Defender
Chargeback Defender(R) is exactly what Internet merchants need to combat the increased risks inherent in accepting credit cards over the Internet. It is designed to both reduce chargebacks and increase sales.

Company Dossier
Mission-critical business information—all in one place. LexisNexis Company Dossier provides basic and in-depth business information on more than 20 million global companies—designed around the way you work.

LexisNexis CourtLink is a whole new way to use court records. The unmatched combination of our online access to the nation’s courts and our advanced searching and notification capabilities allow you to develop strategic profiles of parties involved in a case.

Customized User Interface
Seamlessly integrate the power of LexisNexis into your intranet and gain quick access to relevant and targeted information with a customized interface.

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Award-winning HotDocs document automation solutions from LexisNexis™ give your organization the ability to create flawless documents in a fraction of the time required using a word processor alone.

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Industry Dossier
Much like Lexisnexis Company Dossier, Industry Dossier takes high quality, highly relevant data fields from top information providers and aggregates them in a rip-and-run report. Industry Dossier with coverage of more than 900 industries, will assist you with your industry research. Whether you are looking to identify the top companies in an industry, review the latest mergers & acquisitions, or take a glimpse at the latest legislative activity in an industry, Industry Dossier is the tool that can help you connect the dots.

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LexisNexis AlaCarte!
Designed especially for small business and independent professionals, LexisNexis AlaCarte! provides users access to just the information they need through free searches on more than 20,000 sources containing over 3.8 billion documents.

LexisNexis Bookstore
Visit the the LexisNexis Bookstore. We stock the classics – from Matthew Bender®, Michie™, Shepard's® and Mealey's – all expertly done, packed with authentic detail, and highly readable.

LexisNexis RiskWise online
LexisNexis RiskWise provides quick access to a range of critical information to instantly locate and verify information on people and businesses.

LexisNexis at lexis.com
LexisNexis at lexis.com provides online access to state and federal case law; codes and statutes; court documents; more than 3.8 billion public records (the most available anywhere online); business news, legal news, and regional news; expert commentary on the law; Shepard's Citations Service; and so much more.

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Matthew Bender
LexisNexis Matthew Bender is a leading provider of analytical legal research information in print, CD-ROM, and via the Internet. Our authoritative, comprehensive and accurate legal information covers every major practice area and is authored by the leading experts in the legal community.

Matthew Bender Online
Subscribing to Matthew Bender Online gives you fast internet access to exactly the information you need from the respected collection of expert legal analysis from LexisNexis Matthew Bender. Access a publication at any time during your subscription period, then research, read, and download the sections you need. It's simple and convenient.

Matthew Bender in Print & CD-ROM
Authoritative treatises and expert legal analysis such as Collier on Bankruptcy®, Moore's Federal Practice®, Nimmer on Copyright®, and much more in print and on CD-ROM.

Municipal Codes
LexisNexis now offers a complete range of city and county code-related services to save you time and manpower – including legal analysis, codification, publishing, supplementation, storage, distribution, invoicing, and sales. We have a 50-year track record of providing over 1,400 communities with cost-effective and reliable services – and now we can help you maintain control of content, style, and supplement schedule while publishing on the Web, in print, or CD-ROM.

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Get access to the world's most comprehensive single source of news, business and legal information.

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LexisNexis Publisher is an advanced content management tool that offers an easy way to deliver crucial, comprehensive and on-point information to your web site or intranet visitors.

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Research Tasks pages
LexisNexis Research Tasks pages bring together all the resources you need on a single page and allow you to quickly access sources specific to the practice or jurisdictional area covered.

Risk Scoring Solutions
To facilitate decision making, LexisNexis has developed sophisticated scoring products to analyze consumer and business applicant data to find predictive patterns associated with identity theft, fraud, elevated credit risk or credit worthiness.

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Shepard's Brief Suite
Draft high-quality, winning legal work product faster and more accurately with powerful tools from Shepard’s Brief Suite.

Shepard's Citation Service
Shepard's has been the premier professional practice in law offices for over 100 years. Today we offer you a family of online and print products designed to help you quickly validate your research to ensure you have good law so you can build your arguments efficiently and reliably. Shepard's Citations can also help you begin your research by providing relevant cases, statutes, secondary sources, and annotations that cite your authority.

Shepard's Citations in Print
Shepard's saves you time and costly errors by helping you quickly validate your research to build your arguments efficiently and reliably and ensure you have good law. Shepard's can also help you begin your research by providing relevant cases, statutes, secondary sources, and annotations that cite your authority.

Shepard's on lexis.com
Shepard’s on LexisNexis at lexis.com saves you time and costly errors by helping you quickly validate your research to build your arguments efficiently and reliably and ensure you have good law. Shepard's can also help you begin your research by providing relevant cases, statutes, secondary sources, and annotations that cite your authority.

Now you can find targeted information quickly so you can spend more time focusing on using critical information rather than hunting for it. SmartIndexing Technology makes it easier for you to leverage the power of LexisNexis to locate relevant, business-critical information efficiently and effectively.

LexisNexis SmartLinx is an easy-to-use online research tool that makes logical connections between LexisNexis public records – literally billions of them – and delivers comprehensive summary reports to your desktop in just seconds.

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Tax Center
Streamline your tax research by conducting a single search across cases, codes, regulations and analytical materials, including CCH, Tax Analysts, Matthew Bender and Kleinrock.

Tax Center for Corporate Tax & Accounting Firm Practitioners
Corporate tax practitioners can get exclusive insight and analysis from other leading tax practitioners, as well as topical materials and explanations which have been repeatedly cited as authority.

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UPA Publications
UPA Publications, Access to primary sources in African American studies, Native American studies, Jewish studies, labor, women’s and area studies, diplomatic, political and military history, and more.

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