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Representing Physicians Handbook, Third Edition (AHLA Members)
American Health Lawyers Association
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Publisher: AHLA
Format: Electronic book: epub
ISBN: 9780327180661
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The American Health Lawyers Association is pleased to bring you the Third Edition of our best selling Representing Physicians Handbook.

Since the Second Edition was published, there has been continued expansion of the healthcare laws and regulations applicable to physicians. This updated edition of the Handbook addresses the issues that confront those who represent physicians in the increasingly complex physician practice world. The authors have provided their expertise to provide insight and guidance on issues of compliance, business, reimbursement, and many other issues.

Authors & Editors

A Task Force of the Physician Organizations Practice Group

Michael F. Schaff, Chair
Glenn Prives, Coordinating Editor

Bradford E. Adatto, Steven R. Antico, Todd R. Bartos, Philip F. Berg, Brian C. Betner, Ann M. Bittinger, Andrew E. Blustein, Mark A. Bonanno, Steven J. Chananie, Nora Colangelo, Kathleen L. DeBruhl, Richard E. Gardner, III, Nicholas J. Giampetro, Peter A. Greenbaum, Rick L. Hindmand, David J. Hyman, Bernard E. Jacques, Kimberly Kempton-Serra, Tara Kepler, Mark S. Kopson, Alyson M. Leone, David T. Lewis, Kim Harvey Looney, Rolf E. Lowe, Theresamarie Mantese, Jay A. Martus, Jeremy N. Miller, Gregory M. Nowakowski, Mark W. Peters, Cynthia Y. Reisz, Todd A. Rodriguez, David L. Rogers, Stephanie A. Roth, Joseph Rugg, Gary S. Sastow, James W. Saxton, Andrew Stathopulos, Jennifer Pearson Taylor, Rhonda Teitelbaum, Mark R. Thompson, and Sidney S. Welch

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