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Enterprise Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Entities, Second Edition (Non-Members)
American Health Lawyers Association
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ISBN: 9780327175261
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Enterprise Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Entities addresses both the need for, and implementation of, a comprehensive risk management process and plan. It covers the needs of the entire enterprise, across all departmental barriers. Coverage includes:

•  An overview of enterprise risk management (ERM) and its evolution, including a discussion of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002;
•  Guidance on structuring an ERM system;
•  Insight on risk financing methods;
•  The impact of electronic health care systems and the advent of e-discovery rules on traditional documentation issues.

The handbook also covers risk management in a variety of settings, making it an even more invaluable source. Treatment includes:

•  Contract management
•  Claims management
•  Environmental compliance
•  Peer review and credentialing
•  Due diligence in business transactions
•  Consent to treatment, and numerous others


is a Senior Vice President with Aon Risk Solutions' - National Health Care Practice and is based in Tampa, Florida. She is a national resource specializing in the development and implementation of enterprise risk management strategies and solutions for healthcare. Roberta has been active in healthcare risk management for over 35 years and with Aon for over 15 years.

Peggy Nakamura, RN, MBA, JD, DFASHRM, CPHRM is Vice President, Chief Risk Officer and Associate Counsel for Adventist Health. She oversees a comprehensive Risk Management Department and the Adventist Health Enterprise Risk Management program, including self-administered/self-insured programs in workers' compensation, professional, general and managed care liability.

Rachel V. Rose, JD, MBA is a Principal with Rachel V. Rose - Attorney at Law, P.L.L.C. located in Houston, TX. Rachel has worked in acute care hospitals including the operating room and dietary department; consultative work as a top performing representative for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry; and worked for the Chairman of the Reform and Oversight Committee on Capitol Hill.


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