AHLA Healthcare Labor and Employment Practice Guide, First Edition (AHLA Members)

American Health Lawyers Association

Publisher : American Health Lawyers Association

AHLA Healthcare Labor and Employment Practice Guide, First Edition (AHLA Members)

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Table of Contents Author/Contributors
Table of Contents

About the Author

Part I: Healthcare Labor Law

Chapter 1: Labor and the Healthcare Workplace
Chapter 2: Collective Bargaining
Chapter 3: Contract Administration and Dispute Resolution

Part II: Healthcare Employment Law
Chapter 4: Healthcare Employment Records
Chapter 5: Resident Employment Issues
Chapter 6: Disruptive Physicians
Chapter 7: Workforce Restructuring
Chapter 8: Defending the Discrimination Charge
Chapter 9: Conclusion

Part III: Exhibits
Exhibit A Commonly Used Acronyms
Exhibit B NLRB Petition
Exhibit C Form LM-2 Labor Organization Annual Report
Exhibit D Union Showing of Interest Card
Exhibit E Sample Non-Solicitation/Non-Distribution Policy
Exhibit F Sample Technology Policy
Exhibit G Sample Bargaining Ground Rules
Exhibit H Sample Proposals & Format of Proposals for the Bargaining Table
Exhibit I Sample Tentative Agreement Log
Exhibit J Sample Collective Bargaining Agreement Provisions
Exhibit K Sample 10-Day Notice
Exhibit L Sample NLRB Deferral Letter
Exhibit M Sample NLRB Position Statement
Exhibit N Sample Post-Arbitration Brief
Exhibit O Summary and Terms of the Proposed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
Exhibit P Sample Employee Handbook
Exhibit Q Labor and Employment Checklists
Exhibit R Sample Position Statement
Exhibit S Severance Agreement Over 40 Years of Age
Exhibit T Severance Agreement Under 40 Years of Age


About the Author

American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA)

Leading health law to excellence through education, information, and dialogue, the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) is the nation's largest, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to legal issues in the healthcare field. AHLA provides a wide variety of resources to address the issues faced by law firms, government, in-house counsel and academia and those who represent the entire spectrum of the health industry.


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Employment and labor decisions affect patient safety and the quality of care on a daily basis. The need for an orderly, well-informed, and legal approach to the healthcare workplace is more important than ever before. The Healthcare Labor and Employment Practice Guide explains the relationship between the management of healthcare facilities and the employees who deliver care every day. This practice guide is designed to help lawyers and non-lawyers navigate the varied and complex issues that affect the healthcare workplace.

Coverage includes:

• Overview of union representation and collective bargaining
• Contract Administration of the collective bargaining agreement
• Grievance and arbitration process, including arbitrator selection and arbitral precedent
• Patient and employee healthcare records
• Workforce restructuring
• Twenty exhibits, ranging from a table of acronyms to a sample employee handbook


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Lee P. Geiger, Esquire
Lisa J. Caldemeyer, Esquire

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