Business Background Checks and Screening Solutions

Business Background Checks and Screening Solutions

LexisNexis® provides a variety of business background checks and advanced screening solutions that deliver instant, actionable intelligence. Combining our comprehensive data with industry-leading technology and support services, we help businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations of all sizes mitigate risk, conduct due diligence, achieve regulatory compliance, improve process efficiencies and support revenue growth.

Our search solutions meet the needs of organizations in almost every industry. Below you'll find information and links to some of our most popular screening solutions:

LexisNexis® Business Screening Solutions

  • Debtor Locator*
    Combining business records, assets and people search capability with customized reporting and administrator features, our debtor locator solution provides all of the information you need in one convenient location. With additional skip tracing solutions and debt collection tools, our solutions help you more quickly and easily locate hard-to-find debtors and recover the full amount owed.
  • Identity Verification & Authentication*
    While not a traditional background check application, our identity proofing and authentication services help organizations enhance service, improve security and compliance, and decrease cost and risk. We offer a number of products that can be used standalone or as part of a comprehensive enterprise identity management solution.
  • Business Assurance & Due Diligence*
    Conduct faster, more accurate business background checks and find other important information about potential partnerships and business associates. With a range of business due diligence and company background checks solution offerings, we help you mitigate risk, manage assets and make smarter, more informed decisions.
  • Health Care Claims Compliance*
    Whether you need to conduct due diligence or process and investigate claims, LexisNexis® provides a number of comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant screening services designed to help health care professionals reduce risk and improve operational efficiency, profitability and regulatory compliance. In addition to helping you avoid waste, abuse, medical identity theft and fraud, our health care claims screening solutions also enable you verify the patients, providers and vendors with which you do business.
  • Background Search Information*
    In business, background searches offer vital intelligence that helps companies make smarter, more strategic decisions on countless matters, ranging from day-to-day operations and industry compliance, to investment opportunities and commercial partnerships—and everything in between. We simplify the background search process by meeting all your needs with one comprehensive tool—a trusted solution that puts volumes of public records search data at your fingertips, in seconds.

The products listed above are also available for Government and Law Enforcement agencies. LexisNexis® also offers additional solutions designed to meet the specific needs of organizations in a variety of industries. Click here to browse our solutions by industry and learn more about our additional offerings.

Looking for information on government background checks? LexisNexis® has products and services tailored specifically to the Government and Law Enforcement industry.

* These services cannot be used for employment, credit, insurance or government benefit eligibility.

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