Government Background Check and Screening Solutions

Government Background Check & Screening Solutions

Government agencies operate unlike other businesses. The complexity and volume of data you manage, in a high speed, high stakes environment requires very special solutions.

Agencies need to mitigate risk, avoid fraud, verify and authenticate identities, protect assets, locate wanted individuals or achieve greater security and compliance in increasingly fluid technological and political environments.

We Make Your Priorities Our Own

Whether you're looking to perform background checks for law enforcement or other government background checks, LexisNexis® offers advanced solutions to address the special needs of government agencies. We have worked closely for years with agencies, not only providing products, but providing advocacy and innovation that has led to real-life applications of real-time data, including the location of hundreds of missing children.

We not only understand your information needs, we understand your mission focus. LexisNexis is more than a collection of data and technology professionals. We employ a broad group of professionals who have served in the government and law enforcement and intimately understand not only the data you need but also the processes by which you access that information and the way in which it will be used. This subject matter expertise makes us an asset and a true partner to those we support.

We Understand Big Computing Challenges

The more complex the agency, the more complex your requirements. Take numerous due diligence, security and regulatory challenges and add to that the complexity of supercomputing and connecting the dots across agencies. Tasks like these make supposedly simple things like background checks more complicated.

LexisNexis understands how critical these data intensive solutions are for national, state and local government and law enforcement agencies, and we work diligently to help safeguard our client organizations and their constituents. For years we manipulated more public data than any other organization and we apply that learning to the solutions we build for our customers.

View our government background checks or learn more about our criminal background check solutions for law enforcement.

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