Advanced Criminal Background Checks and Screening Solutions

Advanced Criminal Background Checks & Screening Solutions

During the initial stages of an investigation, both time and information are limited. Law enforcement agencies need every available data resource at their disposal to quickly locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives, find missing children and solve cases.

Traditional law enforcement background check services can take days to provide crucial information. When time and accuracy are of the utmost importance, you need reliable, instant access to a vast array of data that goes far beyond criminal background check information.

Search Smarter, Not Harder

Our search solution, Accurint® for Law Enforcement, is used by more than 4,000 federal, state and local agencies across the country. It provides access to billions of public, proprietary, criminal and background records pulled from thousands of independent data sources.

You'll instantly locate both people and businesses, verify identities and rapidly identify potential investigative leads by quickly confirming information such as name, address, Social Security number or Federal Identification number. And with our advanced linking technology, our solution filters and then links the information based on relevance. In addition to helping you locate and apprehend suspects, this technology helps you:

  • Discover Associations
  • Uncover Assets
  • Investigate Businesses
  • Visualize Complex Relationships
  • Map Locations

Inform Background Searches with The National Investigator Network

Free for Accurint users, our LexisNexis® Investigators Network connects the investigative community. You'll benefit from networking with your peers, sharing professional experiences, learning from subject matter experts, and keeping in touch with the latest news, alerts, training and events:

  • Learn: Access tips from fellow investigators and other resources to help develop your leads.
  • Connect: Exchange real-world experiences-both challenges and successes-with law enforcement peers across the nation.
  • Help: Share expertise and insights to help each other work more effectively and efficiently - when law enforcement talks, crimes get solved.

Additional Law Enforcement Background Check Solutions

In addition to authoritative data sources, comprehensive reporting and powerful investigative features, LexisNexis® provides a number of included and optional features that help you shorten investigation time and streamline your search efforts:

Case Collaboration and Deconfliction Tools

LexisNexis® Accurint Case Connect is an integrated add-on tool enabling you to easily and efficiently manage, share and compare investigative notes and information internally and with other agencies. You can “opt-in” and instantly cross-reference and share case-related information, in addition to setting up alerts signaling you when other officers, analysts or investigators access data from your cases.

Customized batch processing

With Accurint, you can improve productivity and increase efficiency by processing thousands of records at a time to locate suspects, witnesses and fugitives. Dedicated consultants will work with you to customize a solution that meets your unique agency needs.

Dedicated support and training

Our knowledgeable consultants are available for free individual or group training, and a personalized account manager is always on hand to recommend solutions and oversee the management of your account.

Flexible pricing options

Accurint is a web-based application that can easily be accessed through a standard Internet browser, so it requires no set-up fees. Our flexible pricing options include flat rate plans that offer law enforcement agencies predictable, cost-effective investigative resources that fit their individual budgets.

Access Accurint® for Law Enforcement Today

With LexID®, our advanced data linking technology, identity verification tools, access to the LexisNexis® Investigators Network and additional solutions, Accurint provides the information you need to solve cases-fast.

Click the links below to learn more about Accurint®, criminal background checks and other screening solutions:

Accurint® for Law Enforcement This cutting-edge investigative technology provides instant access to our comprehensive database of public and proprietary data to help you quickly identify and locate people and assets.

Accurint® LE Plus This solution builds on the original Accurint® and helps you increase efficiency and save time by integrating a comprehensive suite of analytical tools into one easy-to-use desktop application.

Risk Management Solutions for Government and Law Enforcement

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