Background Checks and Public Records Searches

Background Checks and Public Record Solutions

For consumers interested in conducting background checks, public records represent the first step to gathering the information you need about individuals, businesses and assets. LexisNexis® helps you easily find and search these records with our PeopleWise solution, which puts a variety of background checks, public records searches and other screening tools at your fingertips.

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Using PeopleWise, you can quickly search a business, locate and discover links between people and assets, and even investigate property value. You'll instantly access billions of public records compiled from official data sources across the nation. Accessible via a simple online search form, these records can include:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Recent Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Address History
  • AKAs/Maiden Name
  • Potential Associates
  • Potential Relatives
  • Neighbors
  • Properties
  • Home Value
  • Aircraft / Boats
  • Hunting / Fishing License
  • Criminal Records
  • Concealed Weapon
  • Bankruptcies
  • Tax Liens
  • Judgments
  • Accident History
  • Death Record
  • Email Address

Business and Property Searches

PeopleWise also enables you to conduct background searches on businesses to help you make smarter, more informed decisions when selecting business partners, suppliers or customers or deciding whether to use a business's products or services. Our business search covers bankruptcies, judgments, lawsuits, liens, corporate records, assets and other data, such as executive names, business addresses and even estimated sales information.

For people looking for accurate and timely information about a property, PeopleWise provides fast, efficient property searches. The PeopleWise database includes records on real estate transactions, including real estate tax and deed records, property description, land description, market and assessed value and sale price. You can even use it to find information on current property owners.

Get Accurate, Organized Results

Our search tools also use our proprietary linking technology to organize all data related to a given search subject efficiently and comprehensively. For instance, PeopleWise can help you find someone even if you only have the person's maiden name by matching the former and current name to provide the result.

It also performs simultaneous searches that save you time and money. For example, a person may have a driver's license, a vehicle, a professional license, a boat, a house and a telephone number. And with our linking technology, you can instantly search and match multiple data sources like these, which deliver faster, more thorough and more cost-effective results.

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Whether you're performing casual searches or detailed background checks, public records searches from LexisNexis® provide all the information you need.

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DISCLAIMER: The Public Records and commercially available data sources used in the PeopleWise system may have errors. Data is sometimes entered poorly, processed incorrectly and is generally not free from defect.

This system should not be relied upon as definitively accurate. Before relying on any data this system supplies, it should be independently verified.

For Secretary of State documents, data is for information purposes only and is not an official record. Certified copies may be obtained from that individual state's Department of State. The criminal record data in this product or service may include records that have been expunged, sealed, or otherwise have become inaccessible to the public since the date on which the data was last updated or collected.

I agree that I will only use the information accessed through this search for research purposes. PeopleWise output does not constitute a “consumer report” as that term is defined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq. (FCRA). Accordingly, PeopleWise may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in determining eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or another permissible purpose under the FCRA.


These services are not for employment, credit, insurance or government benefit eligibility. To learn more about FCRA/Fact Act Compliance, click here.