Vital Personal Background Information

Vital Personal Background Information

Many users are interested in gathering personal background information on themselves or a family member. Personal data isn't strictly limited to background checks. Often the most commonly required personal background data falls into the category of vital records. The vital records, which you are legally entitled to, include things like:

  • Birth certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records

Order Your Records from the Country's Number One Source

LexisNexis® is the nation's leading provider of birth certificates and other vital records available online through our VitalChek service. Trust the company counted on for background checks and secure personal data by individuals and the worl's leading companies. We offer an easy and secure way, from vital records order through delivery, by directly linking citizens with the agencies housing their certified, government-issued vital records.

  • Simple. We make it easy to access records from over 300 agencies with easy to follow instructions. Our simple forms have built-in editing features to help ensure the accuracy of your order.
  • Fast. We get your vital records to you as fast as possible usually in less than a week. Many affiliated agencies even offer next-day or second-day service.
  • Secure. Your entire online transaction is fully encrypted and firewall-protected. Only authorized government agencies will be handling your certificate and processing your request. We even have a secured express courier service, for added peace of mind.

Secure Access to your Vital Background Information

VitalChek is a fast and convenient way to find the records you need. Conditions for managing, releasing and shipping these records may differ from state to state and it is critical to use a reputable source when seeking access to these important records. Our site steps you easily through the ordering process and tells you everything you need on hand to safely and securely get the Vital record you need. LexisNexis helps you keep your vital personal background information on hand.

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Securing vital records as part of your job searching process? Consider a comprehensive personal background check to get a leg up on your competition.