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3 May 2016 8:16am

“Nothing really compares to what Juris has to offer…”

For Ohio law firm Stebelton, Aranda & Snider, responding to client needs is always first priority. 

So much so that they have a “sundown rule” for making sure that client calls are always returned quickly. And that’s in addition to making themselves available to their clients 24/7 in case of emergency. 

Being so focused on providing excellent and timely attention to their own clients, it only makes sense that the Lancaster attorneys would expect that same level of service from others. And as co-office administrator to the firm’s 14 attorneys, Debbie H. is the go-to person for helping meet those expectations. 

Fortunately, Debbie has Juris® billing, accounting and financial management software to help make that job possible.

Everybody is happy with Juris: The attorneys, everybody…

Debbie may be an office administrator for Stebelton, Aranda & Snider, but by no means is she the only one who keeps a close eye on the firm’s finances.

“My attorneys, a lot of them are numbers-oriented, so anything that has to do with numbers, they like,” she said. “Luckily, I like numbers so we all get along fairly well. They just want to be able to know, ‘What’s our financial status?’ and ‘How much have you paid for this,’ and I’m able to pull numbers quickly for them.

“A lot has to do with originating timekeeper information. Sometimes it’s as simple as how much they’ve got out there in WIP. It varies from attorney to attorney.

“One attorney is quite a type-A personality and he wants the information yesterday even though he’s asking for it today. It really helps that I’m able to say, ‘Okay, I’ll have it right for you.’ And so within no time, I can pull the information and send it to him.

“Juris is great for the ease of being able to pull reports at the drop of a hat for pretty much anything my attorneys think up: ‘We want to know X, Y, Z’ and within a few minutes I’m able to pull what they need.

“The ease and speed of being able to pull information also helps, especially during pre-bill running time. Within no time, I’m done.”

I have 14 different attorneys who are very busy. I have all their pre-bills done within two hours, three at the most.

Debbie has worked with Juris financial management software off and on going back to the 1990s, but during that time, she has also had to deal with other financial programs in other firms, programs not quite so efficient as the software she relies on today.

“The program we were using at one time at another law firm, the office administrator would have to go over to the building at eleven o’clock at night and run another batch of pre-bills, then she would go over at three o’clock in the morning and run the next batch. Finally they would be done and ready for the attorneys by eight or nine the next morning.

“I do know this for a fact because I had to do it when she would be on vacation.”

“When Juris came along, we jumped on it immediately.

“What a life-saver it was, being able to run pre-bills in no time during the day.

“I think the speed and accuracy is the main thing. Ten hours faster than it used to be back in the olden days. It probably took the other billing person here, I would say, at least five hours to turn pre-bills. And now, at the most, it’s three.”

Juris is great for the ease of being able to just pull reports at the drop of a hat for pretty much anything my attorneys think up: ‘We want to know X, Y, Z’ and within a few minutes I’m able to pull what they need.

— Debbie H, Co-Office Administrator | Stebelton, Aranda & Snider

Juris is slick. I don’t know that I’ve ever complained about Juris because I’ve always liked it.

Stebelton, Aranda & Snider relies on Juris software for everything from reporting to running trust checks to timekeeping and much more.

But as much as she depends on it for keeping every facet of her firm’s finances organized and in control, Debbie realizes there’s more to her Juris software than even she is aware of. That’s why she takes advantage of the opportunity to gather with other Juris users and experts at Juris Conferences held at different locations around the country.

“Every time I go to the Juris Conference, I come away with additional shortcuts and uses for Juris,” she said. “And I’ll take a quick note and think ‘Oh my goodness, that will make this part so much easier. I’ve got to make sure I tell the other office administrator about this.’

“It’s definitely more comprehensive than what’s out there, what’s available.”

Customer Profile: Stebelton, Aranda & Snider is a 14-attorney law firm in Lancaster, Ohio, specializing in a number of areas, including family law, estate planning, business law, employment law and criminal defense. The attorneys pride themselves on their client responsiveness and accessibility, making themselves available 24/7 for emergencies, in addition to having a “sunset rule” that assures that every phone call is returned within one day.

Business Situation: With a number of attorneys highly involved in firm finances, Co-Office Administrator Debbie H. has her hands full answering questions and requests for information about work-in-progress or the firm’s financial status. She needs a wide variety of reports to help her answer almost any financial question, often out of the blue, often on-the-spot.

Solution: Debbie depends on Juris® billing, accounting and financial management software for whatever financial reports she needs to answer attorneys’ requests for information, whenever she needs them. She also appreciates how quickly Juris helps speed the pre-billing process, from ten hours or more at one time earlier in her career to as little as two or three hours today.

Product Summary: Juris is a legal-specific billing, accounting and financial management program that not only helps law firms take control of their everyday billing and accounting needs, it can actually help increase profitability by giving firms the in-depth insights they need to measure and improve firm operations. The Juris Professional Services team includes IT and law firm industry and financial experts who help guide firms on bestpractice workflow solutions.

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