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With LexisNexis® CounselLink® you can:

 - Gain control with 100% visibility over matter status and legal costs

 - Collaborate more effectively with corporate stakeholders and outside counsel

 - Expedite invoice review and processing with e-billing practices and automatic
   adjustments to match billing guidelines

 - Execute legal-hold notifications quickly and with confidence

 - Leverage insightful reports and analytics to assess internal and outside counsel
   performance, identify opportunities for improvement and view department trends

Why Customers Recommend CounselLink

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Essentials - A full-featured offering that helps simplify processes, monitor outside counsel compliance, eliminate manual invoice processing and gain insight into all matters.

Advanced - Advanced package to configure solutions that fit business processes and gain improved reporting and corporate systems integration.

Premier - For the most complex market and operational situations – such as managing multiple departments and using specialized workflows

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