Firm Manager Security Statement

The Firm Manager team at LexisNexis is committed to protecting the security of our application and your private data.  Each time we enhance the product, our architects and developers thoroughly review all security implications and ensure that our development plans encompass maintaining and improving the security of the application and our customers’ data.  We also have independent teams perform security audits. 

Some of the ways Firm Manager protects your data:

·         We use an industry-standard strong encryption algorithm (AES-256) for all content, including documents, the application database, and everything you see on the screen.  This is the same encryption used in banking and other industries.  Data is encrypted both at rest (storage) and in transit.

·         All data transmission to your browser is done using HTTPS over TLS (Transport Layer Security) and we disable the older SSL protocol on our servers to prevent security downgrade attacks.

·         Our server certificates are issued by Trustwave, a leading information security company.  All modern browsers have an icon (usually a padlock) indicating that the site is secure and the certificates are trusted.

·         We run virus scanning on all documents and email correspondence entering the system.

·         Our data privacy has been certified by TRUSTe, an independent company that assesses application privacy and security.  We have additional security certifications through our cloud services provider.

·         We provide a means to export application data for your own purposes, such as backing it up locally to your systems, ensuring regulatory compliance as required by the firm or the firm’s clients, etc.

We appreciate you trusting us with your data and value your business.

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