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Gain a powerful, customized solution when “out-of-the-box” software tools just won’t fit your firm’s needs

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Solve information overload from unmanaged emails, documents, research notes and calendars

Get more done in less time

Avoid being stretched too thin in handling multiple tasks running the business

Focus more on what you do best

Spend more time serving clients through better management of matters, deadlines and appointments

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Optional Billing Matters®
Add-On Software

With more than 25 years serving law practices, Time Matters is trusted by more than 50,000 users for case and matter management. Time Matters is adaptable, customizable software that helps foster collaboration on matters, streamline internal processes and increase profitability through attorneys having more available billing hours and increased efficiency. Time Matters can also handle billing needs across the firm.

Time Matters is geared to law firms seeking:

  • A solution to malpractice issues from missed appointments, mishandled matters and billing/trust account issues
  • Ways to find more efficiency and more billable hours across the firm
  • A solution that can fit unique law firm needs, workflows and processes

Become a Time Matters
Power User

Configure your system, improve your workflow, and train your team by becoming a Time Matters Power User with LexisNexis® University’s Automating Time Matters virtual course. In one live, instructor led session, you will go beyond the basics and see the advanced functions of Time Matters like merge templates, setting up chains and triggers, integrating with Outlook, and creating custom reports.

Time Matters 16.1 - More Power to Practice Law Your Way

Running a successful law practice in today’s competitive market only happens if you have time to do what you do best: practice law.  

For everything else, Time Matters  handles your billing, time capture, matter management and more, with powerful custom features that work the way you do.

Time Matters® 16.1 adds even more ways to ease your non-legal workload by making it easy to:

  • Search Documents – Now 25% faster than before
  • Search for Conflicts of Interest – Now 25% faster with the new indexing engine
  • Mark Records Done and Undone – New process menu workflows get it done in two clicks
  • Auto Save Forms – No more lost user inputs due to unplanned interruptions
  • Get More Done, Faster – Version 16.1 includes more than 50 functional enhancements and expanded support for third-party integrations

Join 15,000 other attorneys who use Time Matters to make the most of their law practice.

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