Business Development

Convert Pursuits to Wins

As the business of law becomes more complex and competitive, clients demand more from their outside counsel. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. You need a way to deal with the pressure of growing revenue, strengthening client loyalty, and driving client lifetime value.

Drive More Effective Marketing Programs

At a time when law firm budgets are tighter than ever, law firm marketing departments need a way to better target new clients. Being able to see data from across the firm gives your business the relationship intelligence it needs to build marketing programs that show a clear ROI.

Stay on top of your practice

InterAction integrates with other practice applications (time and billing, HR systems, document management systems); it directly synchronizes with Outlook and other mail systems and features convenient embedded access and a task panel in InterAction for Microsoft Outlook.

Get in-Depth Relationship Insights

It's a fact: The more partner contacts a client has, the greater chance of retaining that client. The risk of losing a client drops to less than 10 percent when clients have relationships with five or more partners. Protecting your existing business begins with accurate data that allows you to see the strength of the relationships you have with your clients.

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