Practice Management

Search, Store and Manage Documents

Organize relevant information, share it easily across the firm and take better care of your clients with case, client and document management software.

Capture More Billable Hours

With multiple active matters and constant demand from clients, it can be easy to forget to bill for a phone call, research, or a meeting overrun.  Tie your billable hours to your cases, matters and activities to capture more time.  And what’s more, you can use the reporting tools in the software to analyze performance across the firm, driving efficiencies for the business.

Gain Control over Accounting and Billing

Meet client-specific billing needs, ensure compliance with trust accounting requirements and establish and track progress toward financial goals with legal-specific billing and accounting software. Drive profitability with powerful, easy-to-use reports that analyze your firm’s performance in just a few clicks.

Manage Matters in one Place

Organize, associate and track all contacts, documents, events, phone calls and other information associated with a case or matter—from a single, easy-to-view dashboard.  Say goodbye to the days of managing storerooms full of filing cabinets and paper files, or even using multiple software tools to manage your matters.

Schedule all Appointments with Electronic Calendaring

Stop losing sleep over missed court or appointment worries by organizing all your calendars, all in one place. With integrated calendaring, every “when” you need to be is available and always up to date, thanks to real-time sync with other calendaring systems you already use.

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