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The Great Features and Functionality You Want!

Nexis provides world-class features that maximize your ability to create value and increased efficiency for your organization.

Keep it simple with the Easy Search Page

Check off as many of the six major categories of content as you need: News, Industry, Countries, Company, People and Legal. Easy Search will search across all of the content types selected. Access all of this information with a Natural Language search, the same kind of search you would conduct on the Web.

Personalize your searching experience with the new My Nexis™ Research Tool

News and business information just got personal. The new My Nexis™ feature offers a completely customizable selection of tools that puts the information most important to you in one location for convenient access.

Get there fast by Browsing in the Document

The search terms are highlighted live links in the document for easy browsing. In the Full Text document view, jump from search term to search term quickly using our new ‘hit to hit’ navigation.

Stay Organized with Result Groups

You can now group your results set by publication type, or see which individual publications and sources are in your results set. Because it is so easy to see what sources comprise your answer set, you can always be sure to look at the ones of most interest to you. For news and company documents, you can group your results by Company, Industry, Subject, Geography, or Language.

Get smart with LexisNexis® SmartIndexing Technology™ Terms

Users can refine their search using SmartIndexing Technology terms in all News and Company documents. Users simply click on indexing terms in a full text document to add them to the original search and change the search, or they can just use the terms to narrow the current results set. If you are searching for a company, Nexis can help you find the ultimate parent and show the entire corporate structure, including all company subsidiaries.

Get where you want to go with our Search Forms

With the Power Search form, you have the option of performing a Boolean (terms and connectors) or Natural Language search, and you can view document segments for the sources you are searching and add them to your search. All of our search forms are easier to find. Plus, you can make any form your start page.

Pick your sources with Source Selection

Use the News and Business or Legal tab to browse the list of sources that you subscribe to. If you only know part of a source name, use the Find sources tab to find one or more specific sources. Click on the Add link to easily add sources to your search and, to keep track of your sources groups you can now name them yourself.

Save your work with Saved searches and documents

Nexis now automatically save searches for a week, and viewed documents for 48 hours.

Stay informed with Alerts

Save searches for future use or save as an alert. An alert is a search that updates on a schedule you choose: daily, several times a day, weekly or monthly.

Deliver information the way you want it with Delivery Options

You can deliver your results in several ways: print to an attached printer, deliver via e-mail to one person, or download to a file.

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