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Academic & Library Solutions
LexisNexis™ Academic & Library Solutions is the premier publisher of research collections and reference solutions for libraries worldwide. Our products and services cover a wide array of offerings in electronic (LexisNexis services) and traditional media (CIS and UPA branded products). All are designed to make vast information sources completely manageable.

Academic & Library Solutions Web Services
LexisNexis Academic and Library Web services are tailored to meet the needs of researchers and students. Each service is designed to meet the needs of a specific group, and provides access to specially selected sources that may include LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions' flagship index and abstract access tools, online access to the full text of related government and non-government sources or access to comprehensive news, business, and legal information available on LexisNexis.

Academic Access
The LexisNexis Academic Access Service was created specifically for colleges, universities and other academic institutions. Source selection and time availability options allow easy customization to meet the information needs of academic departments, administrative departments and individual faculty members or students. Training and support are included.

America’s Corporate Finance Directory
America's Corporate Finance Directory™ brings you thousands of verified facts to help you reach top financial decision makers among America's corporate elite. This 1,452-page annual directory is one of the most comprehensive available.

Simplify your due diligence research with LexisNexis Analyzer. Locate all relevant sources in a single comprehensive search and obtain results in a partitioned answer set.

Anti-Money Laundering Solutions
LexisNexis Anti-Money Laundering Solutions is a convenient and authoritative web-based tool for anti-money laundering investigations and due diligence in a single easy-to-use resource.

Applied Discovery
Applied Discovery is a leading provider of electronic discovery services to the nation's top law firms. From data gathering and media restoration through data processing, review and production, we enable clients to search, organize, redact, Bates number, and produce electronic documents.

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Batch Products
Batch-processed solutions include tools to scrub account inventories of uncollectible accounts, identify real property and other assets to improve turnover, predict recovery rates utilizing statistical modeling and alerting services to track a portfolio of loans against public records from recent bankruptcy, lien, judgment, and UCC filings from all 50 states.

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Chargeback Defender
Chargeback Defender(R) is exactly what Internet merchants need to combat the increased risks inherent in accepting credit cards over the Internet. It is designed to both reduce chargebacks and increase sales.

Code Conversion
Reduce unnecessary bulk and change your page size and format with Code Conversion services from the expert legal editors at LexisNexis™. This inexpensive "facelift" will modernize the appearance and improve the readability of your municipal code.

CodeOnline from LexisNexis delivers your code and supplements in three popular electronic formats on CD-ROM.

Codification Services
The LexisNexis Municipal Codes experts will help you develop a code of ordinances that is practical, modern, and easy to supplement. As a result, you’ll find your current legislation quickly and easily than ever before.

Company Dossier
Mission-critical business information—all in one place. LexisNexis Company Dossier provides basic and in-depth business information on more than 20 million global companies—designed around the way you work.

Explore government in action with the most comprehensive online resource available for Congressional hearings, public issues, legislation, history, and legal research.

LexisNexis CopyGuard helps protect your organization against the devastating financial and legal effects of a plagiarism scandal. Our technology can also be used to identify possible infringements of your company’s intellectual property.

Country Analysis
LexisNexis Country Analysis streamlines your research by providing quick and easy access to global business content on 190 countries and 157 industries.

LexisNexis CourtLink is a whole new way to use court records. The unmatched combination of our online access to the nation’s courts and our advanced searching and notification capabilities allow you to develop strategic profiles of parties involved in a case.

Current Issues
LexisNexis™ Current Issues

Customized User Interface
Seamlessly integrate the power of LexisNexis into your intranet and gain quick access to relevant and targeted information with a customized interface.

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Directory of Corporate Affiliations
Now you can research corporate hierarchies (“who owns whom”) to the seventh level – starting with as little information as a brand name. Directory of Corporate Affiliations™ database covers more than 180,000 of the most prominent parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, and divisions worldwide to help you research corporate ownership.

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File & Serve
Improving court operations and lowering litigation costs. LexisNexis File & Serve is the nation’s leading e-filing solution for legal documents. LexisNexis File & Serve improves court operations and enhances the practice of law — transforming mountains of paper documents and hours of time-consuming retrieval into a single, easy-to-use online system that brings all filing and service activity to your desktop.

FraudDefender identifies accounts with a high potential of fraud risk in a matter of seconds. Now you can significantly reduce your fraud exposure and streamline your operational procedures at the same time.

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Global IP Law Service
A powerful new research solution designed for practicing IP professionals, featuring up-to-date global IP law information covering IP practice and proceedings, IP legislation and regulations, and current news updates from over 220 countries. With easy access to up-to-date primary intellectual property law resources from around the globe, you can get the broader legal perspective you need to succeed.

Government Periodicals Index
LexisNexis Government Periodicals Index, LexisNexis Government Periodicals provides a unique index to the full spectrum of U.S. government periodicals to facilitate research.

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Industry Dossier
Much like Lexisnexis Company Dossier, Industry Dossier takes high quality, highly relevant data fields from top information providers and aggregates them in a rip-and-run report. Industry Dossier with coverage of more than 900 industries, will assist you with your industry research. Whether you are looking to identify the top companies in an industry, review the latest mergers & acquisitions, or take a glimpse at the latest legislative activity in an industry, Industry Dossier is the tool that can help you connect the dots.

InstantID automates identity verification to streamline your processes and reduce your risk of fraud exposure. In about two seconds, InstantID provides information you need to make credit-granting decisions for Internet transactions and more.

Insurance Compliance
LexisNexis Insurance Compliance is a total solution that combines industry-leading resources with insight, analysis, and commentary by recognized insurance experts.

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Japanese Patent Machine Translations, LexisNexis version of
LexisNexis version of Japanese Patent Machine Translations provides quick, cost-effective English translations of original Japanese patent documents.

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Law Enforcement Solutions
LexisNexis Law Enforcement Solutions provides user-friendly one-click access to a comprehensive range of investigative, fraud prevention, detection, and recovery solutions – all from a single powerful web page interface.

LexisNexis AlaCarte!
Designed especially for small business and independent professionals, LexisNexis AlaCarte! provides users access to just the information they need through free searches on more than 20,000 sources containing over 3.8 billion documents.

LexisNexis Bookstore
Visit the the LexisNexis Bookstore. We stock the classics – from Matthew Bender®, Michie™, Shepard's® and Mealey's – all expertly done, packed with authentic detail, and highly readable.

LexisNexis Congressional Research Digital Collection
A comprehensive view of congressional action and the behind-the-scenes activity involved in crafting U.S. legislation.

LexisNexis Content on the BlackBerry Wireless Handheld
Now, you can search the LexisNexis services or access your LexisNexis Publisher topics from your BlackBerry Wireless Handheld.

LexisNexis Prior Art Search Services
Personal prior art searching, performed by the most trusted name in the business. Economical and thorough, our search reports come with relevant information highlighted, as well as copies of the cited prior art.

LexisNexis RiskView
LexisNexis RiskView can deliver the information your company needs to enhance its bottom line. RiskView helps you make quick and well-informed risk management decisions, especially on underserved populations and in cases where financial history is too thin for traditional methods.

LexisNexis RiskWise online
LexisNexis RiskWise provides quick access to a range of critical information to instantly locate and verify information on people and businesses.

LexisNexis U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection
The U.S. Serial Set includes Congressional reports and documents as well as executive agency and departmental reports ordered to be printed by Congress.

LexisNexis at lexis.com
LexisNexis at lexis.com provides online access to state and federal case law; codes and statutes; court documents; more than 3.8 billion public records (the most available anywhere online); business news, legal news, and regional news; expert commentary on the law; Shepard's Citations Service; and so much more.

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MailTrace helps credit grantors maintain customer relationships, streamline operational procedures, and deliver mail successfully to customers.

Manual Translation Services
Our manual translation services are performed by translators and editors who are experienced in the translation of prior art, patent applications for the USPTO, patent applications for international submission, and drug applications to the FDA.

LexisNexis® MarketImpact™, powered by Biz360, provides insight into how your business, products and competitors are perceived in the marketplace. It tracks and measures key industry trends and issues, so that you can quickly identify opportunities and threats.

Keep an eye on everything from metatag abuse to who's linking to your Web site with the most comprehensive monitoring service on the market. Via www.lexis.com and www.nexis.com, LexisNexis offers the Markmonitor suite of real-time online brand protection tools and comprehensive reports that uncover brand misuse occurring anywhere on the Internet.

Generations of lawyers have relied on Martindale-Hubbell as the authoritative resource for information on the legal profession. Today our legal network is not only the primary source for data on the worldwide legal community, but also a multimedia legal marketing tool.

Matthew Bender
LexisNexis Matthew Bender is a leading provider of analytical legal research information in print, CD-ROM, and via the Internet. Our authoritative, comprehensive and accurate legal information covers every major practice area and is authored by the leading experts in the legal community.

Matthew Bender Online
Subscribing to Matthew Bender Online gives you fast internet access to exactly the information you need from the respected collection of expert legal analysis from LexisNexis Matthew Bender. Access a publication at any time during your subscription period, then research, read, and download the sections you need. It's simple and convenient.

Matthew Bender in Print & CD-ROM
Authoritative treatises and expert legal analysis such as Collier on Bankruptcy®, Moore's Federal Practice®, Nimmer on Copyright®, and much more in print and on CD-ROM.

Mealey Publications
Mealey's provide targeted, invaluable legal news reports and conferences for full-text court documents, summaries of cases, news articles, commentaries, and email news service all in one place. This critical information is updated within hours of release.

Municipal Codes
LexisNexis now offers a complete range of city and county code-related services to save you time and manpower – including legal analysis, codification, publishing, supplementation, storage, distribution, invoicing, and sales. We have a 50-year track record of providing over 1,400 communities with cost-effective and reliable services – and now we can help you maintain control of content, style, and supplement schedule while publishing on the Web, in print, or CD-ROM.

Municipal Codes Web Posting
Posting your code on the LexisNexis™ Municipal Codes Web site saves on the cost of publishing and storing your printed code and lets you update it more easily.

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Get access to the world's most comprehensive single source of news, business and legal information.

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OrdLink™ saves you time and gives you the power to keep your Web-based code updated with your most recent ordinances – even before they are officially incorporated into your code.

Ordinance Analysis and Report
Prevent costly legal challenges and save untold hours of tedious research by subscribing to Ordinance Analysis and Report. The LexisNexis staff of experienced attorneys will examine every provision of your code to uncover potential problems and discrepancies in your Charter, ordinances, and/or existing code.

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Patent & Trademark Solutions
LexisNexis™ Patent and Trademark Solutions deliver copies of original US, EP, WO, and translated Japanese patent and trademark documents to your desktop within minutes, saving you time and money.

Patent and Trademark Delivery Services
LexisNexis Patent and Trademark Delivery Services lets you order copies of original US and European patent and trademark documents for delivery in a wide choice of formats – in some cases within minutes.

Patent and Trademark File History Services
LexisNexis® Patent and Trademark File History Services streamline your research by bringing you patent and trademark file histories – the official, authoritative government documents of patent or trademarks prosecution through the USPTO.

PatentOptimizer Reports
For information that goes inside the patent, count on LexisNexis PatentOptimizer Reports to give you the insight you need.

Primary Sources in History
LexisNexis Primary Sources in History, Authoritative American history resources , available in three optional subject modules: Presidential Studies, African American Studies, and Women’s Studies. Primary and secondary sources include scholarly and reference articles, contemporary accounts, manuscripts, laws, court cases, speeches, photographs, and political cartoons. Gain access to all modules with one search and rely on 24/7 toll-free customer service.

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RecoverScore is a unique tool specifically designed to help collection organizations predict recovery rates using public records information, highly predictive non-credit data, multi-source verification and validation, specific account history data, and skip-tracing information.

Risk Scoring Solutions
To facilitate decision making, LexisNexis has developed sophisticated scoring products to analyze consumer and business applicant data to find predictive patterns associated with identity theft, fraud, elevated credit risk or credit worthiness.

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Scholastic Edition
LexisNexis Scholastic Edition, This version of LexisNexis is specifically designed to provide high school students with Web-based, desktop access to authoritative academic research sources.

Scholastic Edition -- Subscriber Resources
Whether you are a new or existing LexisNexis Scholastic Edition subscriber, the team at LexisNexis Academic & Library Solutions thanks you for your support. These subscriber resources will acquaint you with materials available to help encourage use of LexisNexis Scholastic Edition at your institution and to help you understand the service's content and functionality.

Screening Solutions
LexisNexis provides fast, easy and legally compliant screening solutions. We offer a portfolio of products that includes many services and options.

Now you can find targeted information quickly so you can spend more time focusing on using critical information rather than hunting for it. SmartIndexing Technology makes it easier for you to leverage the power of LexisNexis to locate relevant, business-critical information efficiently and effectively.

State Capital
LexisNexis State Capital web-based service provides access documents from all 50 state capitals from desktops campus-wide, including bills, laws, constitutions, regulations, legislature membership, and newspapers. Fill-in-blank searching and 24 /7 toll-free customer support make it easy to use.

State Law Manuals & Officer's Handbooks
LexisNexis offers criminal and traffic manuals containing key statutory laws, in a convenient, softbound book format, often with companion CD-ROMs. And our Officer's Handbooks provide guidance on everything from search & seizure to DUI/DWI.

LexisNexis Statistical lets you enjoy fast and easy access to statistics produced by federal agencies, states, and intergovernmental organizations with advanced PowerTables™ functionality.

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Tax Center
Streamline your tax research by conducting a single search across cases, codes, regulations and analytical materials, including CCH, Tax Analysts, Matthew Bender and Kleinrock.

Tax Center for Corporate Tax & Accounting Firm Practitioners
Corporate tax practitioners can get exclusive insight and analysis from other leading tax practitioners, as well as topical materials and explanations which have been repeatedly cited as authority.

Tax Center for Law Firm Practitioners
Law firm tax practitioners can get exclusive insight and analysis from partners in law and accounting firms, as well as agency leaders, to give you experienced viewpoints and practical information about complex tax issues.

LexisNexis, the research expert, offers a solution for organizing your company’s information and knowledge using one of the most accurate classification systems in the industry—the one we developed for our own use.

Total Code Management
Total Code Management™ (TCM®) handles the storage, distribution, and sale of your code. You maintain complete control over your code’s content, editorial style, and supplement schedule, while freeing your staff from routine activities such as invoicing orders and inserting and removing supplements.

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Web Services Kit
LexisNexis Web Services Kit offers developers a flexible solution to seamlessly integrate a full range of premium content into the corporate workflow and business applications.

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