LexisNexis® CaseMap® Suite

Drive greater litigation efficiency and effectiveness throughout your case

Integrated, intuitive and aligned with the way you work, CaseMap fact and issue management software and its complementary suite of litigation software solutions can simplify case management and streamline your litigation workflow.

From initial case intake, through discovery and trial, these industry-leading tools offer busy litigators unmatched mastery over the myriad facts, people, issues, evidence and even their own research. They include:

  1. CaseMap® fact and issue management software
  2. TextMap® transcript management software 
  3. TimeMap® timeline graphing tool
  4. NoteMap® outlining tool
  5. DepPrep® witness preparation tool

The verdict is in—and it's a 10!

New CaseMap® 10 fact- and issue-management software makes it even easier to capture, organize and share critical case knowledge.


Innovative, customer-inspired enhancements include:

  • Comprehensive case-wide searching  allows you to search your entire CaseMap file, as well as the attached documents
  • Bulk importing and optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Customized spreadsheets
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Microsoft® integration
  • Tools for real-time collaboration


Plus, the optional CaseMap DocManager provides a single interface for you to view, annotate, hit-highlight, Bates stamp, batch print, and batch convert files to PDF and TIFF.


Increase efficiency. Improve collaboration. Gain even more control.

CaseMap 10 is the one you've been waiting for. Don t take our word for it. View a demo of CaseMap 10 and judge for yourself. 

Take a video tour of CaseMap software

View our fast-paced and information-packed video below. There's no easier way to experience the power of CaseMap.