LexisNexis® CaseMap® Suite

Drive greater litigation efficiency and effectiveness throughout your case

From intake through discovery and trial presentation, each case brings the complex challenge of managing and analyzing facts, people, issues and evidence. You can fine-tune your strategy, simplify case management and streamline your workflow using the integrated CaseMap® suite, combined with Sanction® litigation presentation software.

CaseMap 11 gives you a fresh, intuitive design along with the capabilities CaseMap customers have come to expect

Assembling each case is quicker with the user-friendly design of CaseMap 11 case analysis software. You can easily access your favorite features on a convenient ribbon. For example, issue linking, filtering and reports are at your fingertips. And when you hover over any button, a descriptive hint helps you along.

Achieve strong case analysis and increase efficiency

  • Send relevant case information from your Microsoft® software and other tools to CaseMap so it's
    always at your fingertips.
  • Customize spreadsheets to organize facts, persons, documents, issues, etc.
  • Tie together the facts, issues and evidence—see connections you might otherwise miss.
  • Produce polished PDF reports with embedded documents for easier fact tracking, information sharing and case analysis.

Efficiently assemble facts, documents and files—even in larger cases.

  • Bring multiple files, folders and/or subfolders into CaseMap at once.
  • Publish a Microsoft® SharePoint Web page to securely share case information with your team.

Select options to meet specific needs.

  • Gain more searching, viewing, annotating and printing capabilities with the CaseMap® DocManager feature.
  • If attorneys in multiple offices need to collaborate on your case across a local-area network (LAN) or Citrix® network, you can provide access by centrally storing case data in a Microsoft® SQL Server® database.

See how you can simplify case analysis

View an overview and brief demo of CaseMap 11