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Print. Copy. Stuff. Pay postage. Repeat. Consider the number of documents you serve or are served every month. The preparation, delivery and management of these documents can be a costly and labor-intensive activity.

File & Serve electronic service (E-Service) offers a time, effort and expense-saving alternative to conventional paper-based service of documents.

To explore the potential savings for your practice, try our exclusive E-Service Cost Savings Calculator below:



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Other expenses  
Monthly cost per square foot for office space (for calculating file storage)
Time it takes to find and pull an individual case file (minutes)
Number of case files pulled each month for review
Estimated annual paper-based costs per attorney
Assumptions for calculating E-Service costs  
E-Service transaction fee is less than $10.00
No costs for paper, envelopes labels, postage, or storage
Preparation time is typically less than 5 minutes and access
to incoming service or archived documents takes only seconds
Estimated annual E-Service per attorney
Potential annual cost reduction per attorney
Potential annual firm savings is
Potential annual percentage savings of