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Electronic Service (e-service) is rapidly emerging as the new practice standard for the secure exchange and storage of documents. It offers greater efficiency, lower costs and better access to case information.

Because of your litigation expertise, we want to hear your thoughts on how e-service can help reduce costs and streamline case management.

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Have you ever heard of electronic services (E-Service) before?

Have you ever used E-Service(note that e-mail is not considered electronic services in most jurisdictions)?

3.Do you think E-Service is beneficial?

4.Rank your interest in each of the following functions

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Instant Proof-of-service
Instant delivery
Searchable online repository
Calendaring of events
Email alerts of service activity
5. Rank your interest in each of the following

(1=very interesting 5=least interesting):

Reducing time to prepare and deliver documents Reducing cost of preparing and delivering documents

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