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Jordon Steele

Archivist, Biddle Law Library, Penn Law School

Ask Jordon Steele for the square root of a number and instead he might favor you with a tune. You see, Jordon strongly suspects that the "math expert" portion of his brain is occupied by the lyrics of 1980's television theme songs. But for this certified archivist, cataloging such details-yes, even TV songs-just comes naturally given the skills of his profession.

At Penn Law School's Biddle Law Library, Jordon organizes the papers of the American Law Institute, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Law, and the National Bankruptcy Archives. He also applies emerging technologies to the library's mission of outreach and instructions, an area of particular interest since he'll soon receive his Certificate of Advanced Study in digital information. Committed to continuing to grow as an archivist, Jordon has great appreciation for the material he's privileged to work with because it can't be found elsewhere.

He jokingly admits to occasional "what if" anxiety about the possibility of losing a one-of-a-kind-work, an occupational hazard that seems slim. Jordon once processed and created a database for a comic book collection of 5,000. Now that's some impressive accounting for a man who claims to be inept with numbers!

Website: The National Bankruptcy Law Archives at the Biddle Law Library at the University of Pennsylvania

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