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Dianne Saxe

Attorney, Saxe Law Office

Dianne Saxe, Saxe Law Office
248 Russell Hill Road, Toronto ON M4V 2T2
Tel: (416) 962-5882
Fax: (416) 962-8817
 Award-winning blog: envirolaw.com

One of the world’s top 25 environmental lawyers, according to Best of the Best. Toronto’s Environmental Lawyer of the Year, according to Best Lawyers. Best Environmental Law Firm in Canada, according to Corporate International. One of Canada’s best environmental lawyers, according to numerous Canadian and foreign rating services. One of Canada’s first Certified Specialists in Environmental Law, the only practitioner with a Ph.D. in environmental law, and Canada’s leading author on environmental law. Ontario Bar Association Distinguished Service Award. 35 years’ experience in all areas of environmental law and litigation. A highly acclaimed public speaker. Drafted parts of Ontario’s environmental laws.

We are an experienced, effective and practical environmental law boutique serving a wide range of satisfied clients. First-rate personal service without big firm overhead. We love what we do.

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