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Jim Poolman

consultant, former North Dakota Insurance Commissioner
Jim Poolman was elected North Dakota Insurance Commissioner in 2000, and overwhelmingly reelected in 2004. While Insurance Commissioner, he was an outspoken leader at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, serving as their Vice-President, Chairman of the Midwestern Zone, Chairman of the Life Insurance and Annuities Committee, Executive Committee on Principles Based Reserving, Chairman of the Producer Licensing Working Group; amongst a host of other leadership posts. In North Dakota he was instrumental in preserving a competitive marketplace while passing very important consumer protections ranging in areas from privacy of consumers medical and financial information, suitability in annuity sales, restrictions on the use of claims information, insurance fraud and life settlements, amongst others. Mr. Poolman has been a sought after speaker on numerous insurance topics around the country. In August of 2007, Mr. Poolman resigned his post in North Dakota to start an independent regulatory consulting practice based in Bismarck, North Dakota . Mr. Poolman received his bachelors of Business Administration degree from the University of North Dakota in 1992. Mr. Poolman also served four terms in the North Dakota House of Representatives before being elected Insurance Commissioner.

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