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Sheldon Laskin

Counsel to the Multistate Tax Commission

Sheldon H. Laskin is Counsel to the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC). Prior to joining the MTC staff in 1998, Mr. Laskin was an Assistant Attorney General for the Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury and litigated state tax cases in the Maryland court system for 8 years. Before joining the Attorney General's office, Mr. Laskin was in private practice, and argued and won a major employment discrimination case in the United States Supreme Court. Burnett v. Grattan, 468 U.S. 42 (1984). He also served on the staff of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Florida Rural Legal Services. He received his B.A. and J.D. degrees from Rutgers University and his LL.M in Taxation from the University of Baltimore, where he currently teaches State and Local Taxation in the Graduate Tax Program. Mr. Laskin is a recipient of the University of Baltimore Graduate Tax Program's Excellence in Teaching Award. Also at the University of Baltimore, Mr. Laskin delivered a nine-hour lecture series on state and local tax to officials from the Inner Mongolia Local Taxation Bureau of the People's Republic of China. Mr. Laskin has spoken on state and local tax issues at numerous forums, including annual symposia on state and local tax policy sponsored by the Taxation Section of the Maryland State Bar Association and the University of Baltimore Graduate Tax Program, the COST Sales Tax Conference, and the New Jersey Institute for Professionals in Taxation One-Day Tax Seminar. He is the author of a series of LexisNexis Maryland State Tax Service Practice Insights. His law review article, Only a Name? Trademark Royalties, Nexus and Taxing That Which Enriches was published in the 2007 issue of the Akron Tax Journal.


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