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Michael Cicero

Lawyer, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

Meet Me: Michael Cicero

"I'm part of a first-class law firm that's moving in a positive direction." That Mike Cicero is at ease talking about his professional life reflects not only his willingness to share his experiences at Womble Carlyle but also his public speaking confidence gained from active participation in his Toastmasters clubs, through which he obtained Competent Communicator and Competent Leader awards. While Mike values that experience for bolstering his ability to translate legal and technical jargon into understandable terms, he believes that his engineering mindset will serve him well to meet the litigation-related challenges presented by current patent law trends, which he sees as increasing the demand for precision in both prosecution and litigation.

Given the current economic times, Mike feels you have to "do more than what's in front of you. You can't just cruise." Sparked by a Solar Industry Orientation course taken at a recent expo, Mike wants to take additional solar power classes so he can eventually concentrate his IP practice on solar power. Mike even took an evening Calculus course earlier this year to re-familiarize himself with the math behind the science. For now, Mike's primary focus is serving his client needs in a trademark case, and his time in the sun is limited to family time and regular exercise. He's preparing to run a half marathon this October, a physical challenge that, when the starter's pistol pops, won't allow him to cruise with those 13.1 miles in front of him.


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