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Bill Layout - Cutoff Date Field

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Tara M. Roberts Posted: Mon, Jun 26 2006 11:20 PM

What is the field name for the "Charge Cutoff Date" in the bill layout designer?  I can't seem to get this information to appear on my custom statement template.  For example, on 06/01/2006 I want to print a bill that shows fees, expenses, payments, etc for the period 05/01/2006 - 05/31/2006 with an Invoice Date of 06/05/2006.  So, I select these various dates and options on the Charges & AR tab when I create the bill.  However, I can't seem to figure out the correct field for the "This bill shows activity through [date]" message to actually print on the bill.

Interest, A/R due dates, etc are calculated from the INVOICE DATE, but this isn't necessarily the cutoff date for the charges.  The invoice date uses the date specified in the middle section of the Create Bills window on Charges & AR tab (either: today’s date, the cutoff date for charges, or a specified date).  I’m looking for the cutoff date or the TO date range field from the top section of the Charges & AR tab.

My understanding is that the DUE DATE field isn't the same as INVOICE DATE.  The DUE DATE is calculated based on the payment terms for each specific matter.  So, if the matter has payment terms that specify that the payment is due in 14 days, then the DUE DATE is actually 14 days after the INVOICE DATE, and not the cutoff date for the charges.

The TODAY field won't work for this purpose b/c the day the bill is printed isn't necessarily the cutoff date or the invoice date.

How do I get this charge cutoff date field to appear on my statement template?  Am I just missing what it this field is actually called in the field list of the bill layout designer?

Any help is appreciated.

Tara M. Roberts
Puget Sound Law

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Most firms I work with use either TODAY for the Invoice Date or the Cutoff Date (the To date on the Charges and AR tab) for the Invoice Date. Either of these options is easy to implement in a Bill Layout by inserting either a TODAY field or the Invoice Date field in the top part of the layout.

If you want to show both a Cutoff Date and an Invoice Date, and neither one of them is TODAY, you can, but it will involve a manual step each month. As far as I know, there is not yet a way to insert the To date (the Cutoff Date) into the invoice unless it is the same as the Invoice Date.

The manual step is to enter the Cutoff Date as a text entry, like this: June 30, 2006, into the User 1 or User 2 field on the Firm tab. To do this, go to:

File | Setup | General | Program Level | Billing | Firm

Next, in the Bill Layout, insert the field User Defined 3 (if you used User 1) or User Defined 4 (if you used User 2). These fields are available in Special list of fields.

You need to remember once a month to change the text date in this field of the Firm tab to be the same as the Cutoff Date (the To date) that you will be using for your bills.

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