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Auto fill information for matters

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Allison Brannen Posted: Wed, Jun 28 2006 5:29 PM

On each entry screen, if you begin to type the name of a matter in the regarding fields it will autocomplete for you, and if you hit enter it fills in that field as well as the "matter number" field.  Is it possible to set this so the reverse is also true?  We'd like to be able to start typing in the matter number field (which for us is a unique alpha-numeric sequence) and have it autocomplete and if entered, fill in the matter name.


----- Allison Brannen F/B/O Services, Inc. King of Prussia, PA
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Currently, the Matter Number does not auto-fill.  If you know the number and type it into the field, it will fill in the Matter Reference field and the Client field, assuming there is a client associated with the Matter.

Kelly Leeman Information Services Associates, Inc. Hillsboro, Oregon

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