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Dera Pease Posted: Mon, Sep 11 2006 6:32 PM

We receive credit card payments in our operating account.  Some clients pay their retainer with their credit cards, However, we do not use these funds for monthly receivables, they are on hold in escrow. After the amount is posted to the operating account by the bank, I need to transfer it to the escrow account, and do so using transfer funds to esccrow.  However, when a bill prints afterwards, it does not show the escrow balance.  I do no want these funds automatically transferred to payment of A/R and have not checked that box, however, I would like the client to view the escrow balance.  The escrow balance can be viewed when I pay directly "apply funds to escrow", however these funds are not applied directly to escrow, but to the operating account first. 

Thanks for any help you can give.

Dera Pease

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Auburn, IN

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You receive money in your operating account that is to be transferred to a fund account. You enter a payment into Time Matters to record the payment from the client. That payment is not applied to a bill, and so shows as 'unallocated'. You then do a 'transfer to funds' to move the money from your operating account to the fund account. With Billing Matters Plus you will be prompted to cut a check to the fund account. If you have done an electronic transfer, you might indicate so in the memo area of the transaction, and uncheck the 'print' box when the check printing dialog box opens. With the bill showing fund summary or detail, you will see the fund balance on client bills.

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