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Handling address changes between Hot Docs and Timematters

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Merv Miller Posted: Sun, Feb 11 2007 12:35 AM
What is the best method to handle changes to addresses of contacts so it is picked up in both Timematters and Hot Docs?

What we are doing now is creating an initial HD Answer File from Timematters through TM HotDocs Template Extensions.  That populates the HD Answer file with the basic contact info.  We then use HD's directly to create detailed documents by populating the exisiting HD Answer file with an ever growing number of answers as we create each document.  This additioanl data is not kept in our TM database. 

Right now I am aware of two possibilities for handling address changes, neither of which seems to be ideal.
1. When the address changes we could create a document from TM through the TM HD Template Extension and thereby update the answer file.  However, since the HD answer file will normally have extensive data that is not contained in TM, if we save the updated answer file it will overwrite all that additional data.
2.  TM/HD  Answer Sourece Integration.  Although this will work, it requires the user to manually remember to press the "select" button in the HD Interview to update the contact info. 

Is there any other way whereby contact data changed in TM would automatically be changed in the HD answer file? 

TM8E   HD professional 6.4

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Bart Earle replied on Sun, Feb 11 2007 11:20 PM

You could use the HotDocs Database Connection to connect with the TM database, with writeback enabled for the relevant HotDocs variables.  This would function in a similar way to TM/HD Answer Source Integration, but the writeback could happen automatically (without user intervention).  When the answer file is initially created, you could pass a unique identifier for the Contact record (behind the scenes) to HotDocs by linking a variable to the field.  The Database component would then be filtered on that identifier so that the record in question would automatically be selected for subsequent assemblies. 

One limitation of the writeback functionality in the Database Connection (which is also true of TM/HD Answer Source integration, I believe) is that HotDocs will not write back to an empty field.  In other words, if the Time Matters field was empty to begin with, entering a value in HotDocs will not result in that value being written to TM. 

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