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"Replenish Funds"

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Duy Thai Posted: Tue, Dec 9 2008 2:05 AM
My clients get confused when the bill says "please replenish funds ..." when the client trust account falls below the set minimum. They don't understand "funds". They understand "client trust account." How do I get the bill to say "please replenish client trust account"?
Duy Thai San Francisco TM/BM+
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Go to the bill profile, to the labels tab. You'll find the label for replenish funds in the funds section. Highlight it, and click change. Make the narrative more understandable for your client. Be careful about the token for the amount. Don't delete the squiggly brackets.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried it. Now my bills say "Please replenish client trust fund" in the "Funds" section of the bill - but it still says "Please replenish funds" in the AR section of the bill. I don't see another label on this topic in the AR section. Can you let me know why my change only affected one section of the bill but not the other?
Duy Thai San Francisco TM/BM+
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