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various Billing Matter questions

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Roger kohn Posted: Thu, Jun 18 2009 8:54 AM

I have a number of questions posed by my billing secretary.  Any help you can provide will be most appreciated.  We are using TM/BM ver. 9 Enterprise.

1.  We frequently need to enter payments for a number of different bills.  Is there any way to do this that saves time -- any screen which would speed up the process?

2.  Occasionally we print a bill for expenses only, and we do this several different months.  We then want, at a later time, to print a bill showing all the time in the case.  This occurs primarily for contingent fee cases, when we are billing the expenses against a retainer, and want to create a bill showing all the time later in the case if we apply for court reimbursement, or just for internal purposes.  My billing secretary says she can create a bill showing just expenses, but if she then posts it the post shows both time and expenses, and that this makes it difficult to subsequently create a bill showing all the time in the case.  Is there a way to do this?  Is there something we are doing wrong when we post the bill?

3.  Client is billed for an amount in excess of the retainer we are holding.  An additional retainer is subsequently obtained.  My billing secretary says that in this scenario TM/BM will not apply the retainer against the previous outstanding balance when a bill for the next month is prepared.  Is this correct?  If so, is there a work-around?

4.  For reasons that we do not understand, in certain cases the posted invoices are not shown on the invoice tab for the case.  Any idea what might be happening?


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Roger E. Kohn Kohn Rath Blackwood & Danon, LLP P.O. Box 340 Hinesburg VT 05461

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1. I am not sure if you are trying ot pay a bunch of vendor bills or if you have a payment from a customer that covers multiple invoices. I will assume the later. If the invoices are multiple clients then on the add transaction screen you can click the "multiple maters" box. Once this is checked you enter the full amount of the check and choose the first matter. After you mark the invoices paid on that matter, you can fill in a different matter name and you will get a list of invoices on that matter. Mark the approprirate invoices paid and continue the process until the check is totally assigned to invoices.

2. I suspect that what you are doing is using a bill layout that only shows thwe expenses so the time is there but not seen. What you might try is in the billing preferences go to actions and add an action to hold fees. When you are ready to bill the fees you will need to come in here and remove the action.

3. This is by design and intentional. Most systems I have worked with do it htis way due to the importance of controlled retainer accounts. You need to manually apply the retainer by creating an apply funds transaction.

4. This is hard to trouble shoot through a forum as it good be a rights issue, an option setting on the tab of the user or a database problem. I would start by seeing if the invoice appears on the invoice list. If it does then we need to see what is unique about the invoice that it is not showing on the matter. Perhaps it was archived?


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