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Billing template question

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Lisa Elliot Posted: Fri, Oct 9 2009 5:01 PM
On my billing templates, in the Fees and the Disbursements sections, I have the token "Matter number" and "description," so the matter information shows up as a heading before the fees and disbursements for each matter. On bills that print out with multiple matters, this works fine. However, when I print a bill for a client that only has time under one matter for that month, the matter name and description do not show up. Since the client may normally have several matters, and only happens to have one matter that particular month, they still need to see which matter they have charges for. I have had to create a separate billing template with the matter number and description tokens in the miscellaneous section with the client address information in order to make it show up. But this means recreating the invoices after they have run, which is kind of a waste of time. Is there any solution to this problem? I am using PC Law Pro 9.31c.

Lisa Elliot, Pink Larkin Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Don't forget to go to the matter tab and select the option for all matters for client on one bill.

The next item is to make sure you Misc (fees) and Fees(fees) sections have the appropriate tokens. I like to separate each matter with a thin line below to summarize.

Good luck.

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