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Table Connections for query

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Jwyatt Posted: Tue, Dec 29 2009 3:09 PM

I am trying to build a query.  I would like to get from an A/P check back to a matter billing record.  Can anyone recite the tables in the chain and the fields that match between these tables?

Something like TableTXHDR.sysid to ownerid in TableTXGL etc.

I need the path to get to the unique record in the Billing Table.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Jeff Wyatt
Abilene TX  

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I'm not sure you can do what you're trying to do. Yes, invoices (txhdr) have details (txdtl), with some details linked back to billing items (billing). Payments are applied to invoice balances as opposed to specific invoice details.

Are you trying to calculate partial payments for tax accounting?

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Jwyatt replied on Thu, Dec 31 2009 8:35 AM

Thanks for replying.  No I am not interested in the link to client payments (which is a step farther down the path).  I only want the link from the payment to the vendor (A/P) to the creation of the corresponding billing item for a matter.  My goal is to have a query that can show payments we made on behalf of clients to file suits with the District Court and the corresponding billing items where those "advances" have been billed to the clients.

I had been convinced that we had a bullet proof recovery system for payments on behalf of clients but one came to light that did not make it to a billing item.  If it happened once, I want to be sure it hasn't happened more often nor happens again.

Each Billing Item has a couple of fields that are "ID's".  Surely, I can connect the proper ID to an interim table or two and work my way back to the A/P source that created that billing item.  That is the goal at least.


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