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TM7 MSDE to SQL express 2005

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wvineyard Posted: Thu, Mar 4 2010 9:09 PM

Firm is running TM7 and the timematters MSDE database has reached it's 2 GB limit.  I read where SQL express is the upgrade and has a 4 GB database size limit.  Once I realized the DB at it's limit, I created a GHOST copy of the hard drive to another hard drive in case something went wrong with the SQL express install.   I reindexed the database to create a bit of space and stop the error messages when TM7 started up.  I backed up the DB andI then downloaded and installed SQL express 2005 on the system with no problems.   I also downloaded SQL Server Management Studio Express.  TM7 opens with no problem at all after the SQL express install but I'm pretty sure I've not done something right.

When I run the studio express software, I have a choice of 2 server names: servername\SQLEXPRESS or servername\TIMEMATTERS.    I choose the time matters server and I see the DB but I notice that the DB size is still limited to approximately 2GB.  I tried detaching the DB from the TIMEMATTERS server and attaching it to the SQLEXPRESS server but it will not let me do it.  I was able to reattach to the original server and TM works with no problems (except that I am still almost to the 2GB limit of the DB)

As you can see, I'm stuck.  I'm looking for any suggestions to be able to move my TM7 database to SQL express 2005 and make sure that the new size limit is 4GB.

As I noted earlier....I have the ability to completely start this process over since I have a GHOST copy of the hard drive on another drive ready to go if needed.

Thanks for any assistance.


Walt Vineyard Blackwell Law Offices Cleveland, TN XP/W2K/ TM7 Enterprise
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